Jesse & Hannah Van Gorkom

Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Jesse & Hannah Van Gorkom
Engineering Ministries Intl.

Hello Alderwood!
I want to start by telling you how God has answered your prayers. We adjusted back to life in Uganda quickly…Addi has some very good friends in our area. Our work with the EMI Uganda Workshop has been going really well, with many projects finished and many more started. We’ve helped Christian schools, a special needs home, a pastor ministering in remote South Sudan, and several others. God has provided many opportunities for mentoring and training the 22 guys that I manage in our shop. One man in particular stands out. Henry started out as the Workshop Assistant back in 2016. It has been so cool to watch him become our main manager and leader out in the workshop. He has really stepped into his leadership role, both with technical skills and discipleship, over the last six years. I trained him how to weld…now he trains others. I helped teach him guitar. Now he leads worship in the workshop and is starting his own Christian band, focused on ministry! In our last update I wrote: “Ultimately, we know that God is the one guiding and directing our paths. Even when we only see a single thread of His masterpiece.” We are finding this to be more and more true in our lives and ministry. I have no doubt that God has used us here in Uganda these past five years, and will continue to use us. However, due to further medical issues, it is necessary to return to the US for a few years until God provides clear answers. We pray God will bring us back to Uganda quickly. I will work remotely, full time, for the Uganda Workshop for at least 6 months and then possibly transition to work with the EMI USA office until we are able to relaunch back to Uganda. Please keep our family in your prayers. Please ask that God will allow us to continue to make a positive impact for His kingdom work here in Uganda.
Blessings, the Van Gorkoms in Uganda (for a few more weeks)

Jesse, Hannah & Addi

Photo of two of our carpenters working in our timber shop.

Picture of the steel fabrication side of the workshop. We are building many window frames for Amazima Ministries, located in Jinja.

Picture of our steel fabrication side. Window frames for Amazima, and trusses for The GEM Foundation.

Team field trip to visit the Amazima Ministries Secondary School. We are currently working on Phase 5 of this project. The workshop has been providing products for this project since Phase 2 but most of the guys had not seen the final products installed. They were amazed! 🙂

Also on the team field trip to Amazima. The guys were very happy to see the output of their hard work.

Also on the field trip. This is most of our team posing in the Amazima Student Life Center. A library which we outfitted with MANY shelves, tables and the beautiful librarian desk behind the guys.

The guys helped build a Kubb set for one of the EMI staff here in Uganda. I asked the staff member to demonstrate the game so the guys could understand what they had built. As you can see from the picture they had a GREAT time. 🙂