Roy & Elvia Sprague

Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Mark & Ann Thorsteinson met on Zoom with our missionaries Roy & Elvia Sprague recently…read & watch the interview below.

Which of our missionaries has been serving for 56 years and married for 62 years? Roy and Elvia Sprague!!

Roy and Elvia minister planting churches and helping churches in distress with Northwest Independent Church Extension (NICE). They are now serving a church near Aberdeen whose pastor died of cancer. Pray that this church would find and call a pastor to lead them.

God has used this couple in many capacities during their time of ministry. For a time, Roy was the director of NICE, they have helped to plant churches, written books and are there for churches in distress. Roy and Elvia are a team as they minister. When asked what was the most important thing she could do for her husband besides praying for him, Elvia shared that she must be present and aware of his needs and ready to help wherever needed.

The Spragues raised their family here at ACC and were involved in many ministries here including VBS where they would do flannel graph stories specially equipped with black light sensitive paint to enhance the picture. It really made an impact on the kids that got to see them. In fact, one year ACC VBS raised money so that they could purchase 5 more sets.

Pray with them as, in their words, “they are on the last lap” of their ministry that God would show them where to use their energy and travel so they can serve God in the best way possible. This prayer request sums up the ministry of Roy and Elvia. They are always striving to be used of God in the best way possible.

The other prayer request they shared was that their kids have come together and bought them a house. They will be moving in the near future and would like prayer that all goes well.


Roy & Elvia Sprague



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