Roy & Elvia Sprague

Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Roy & Elvia Sprague
Northwest Independent Church Extension

What word best describes “two or more people on the same team who are working for a common purpose?” For us the best word is partners – that’s exactly what you at Alderwood have been to us by your prayers and support for 51+ years. From our hearts we say “THANK YOU!” During these years God has allowed us to have a part in planting 74 churches here in the Pacific Northwest, and now we have the thrill to see these churches involved in world-wide Gospel outreach!

Loomis Community Church

Wishkah Valley Community Church

Marley and Cindy

We’ve been serving the Wishkah Valley Community Church near Aberdeen, WA for the past 17 months as Interim Pastor. What a delight it’s been to see growth in the Church! Several people have made spiritual decisions as the Word has been presented. One couple have come to Christ, and now desire to be baptized. We continue to mentor the Pastor in Training…he’s now preaching every other Sunday, as well as giving a “Children’s Sermon” each week. The Adult Sunday School class is now being taught by one of the men. There’s a growing group attending each week, and they’re really digging into Scripture – a study in the book of Revelation. Last year the church family prepared 360 Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes – their goal this year is 400!

Caleb Small and Children’s Sermon

Dave Ridgeway teaching Adult Sunday School

Thank you for praying for the Bible Study at the Laurel Oaks Senior Community in Lacey. Several new folks have started to attend each week, and their response to the study of the Word is so encouraging. For many of them, this is “their church.” Several have trusted Christ as Savior through the Bible Study since it started 9 years ago. 

For the past 21+ years we’ve served as Minister At Large with NICE. This has given us the opportunity to provide Pastoral care, encouragement and challenge to the Pastors, church leaders, and members of churches throughout the Pacific Northwest. You have partnered with us by your prayers, and God has answered! Thank you, Alderwood!

Roy & Elvia