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Shannon Sessions
Support 7

Crisis and trauma are the great equalizer. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, how much money you make or what language you speak. Trauma impacts EVERYONE.

Support 7 is a group of vetted, trained, compassionate First Responder Chaplains and an Incident Response Team of volunteers.

Support 7 responds in the moment of crisis, on-scene with police and fire crews in South Snohomish County, filling the gap of “Compassionate Care,” for victims and families left behind after a major loss. Helping victims and survivors move from crisis and trauma to hope and healing since 1981.

This includes 24/7/365 response to unexpected natural deaths, suicide, homicides, other fatalities, house fires, and other high-profile emergencies, we also take on the burden of death notifications. We walk victims through the next steps, helping with funeral plans, acting as a liaison between public safety agencies, grief resources and other critical needs during these dark times.

It’s here where we have an opportunity to become the physical representation of the gospel as Jesus described in Luke 10 in the parable of the Good Samaritan. For those who may never sit in our church pews or respond to a church mailer, it’s now, when impacted by a traumatic event they will respond, not to a lecture on grace, but instead to a gentle arm put around them and a soft reassuring voice saying…”hey friend,  I’m here to help.”

Our founders, Ken & Lois Gaydos were ACC missionaries for “International Chaplains Ministry” and Support 7 for decades. Before Ken passed in September 2018, he was the longest serving police/fire chaplain in the state and one of longest in the US. I, Shannon Sessions, took over as Executive Director in late 2018. Our family is longtime members of ACC, and I have unique experience as a Veteran, former firefighter, local newspaper editor, Police Public Information Officer, small business owner, First Responder Chaplain and current City Councilmember. My goal is to build a sustainable foundation for this critical, local mission with Ken’s same integrity and heart for our neighbors in crisis.



Shannon and her husband Keith on the job


Our Board Members: Tim Gaydos, Debbie Rosenfelt, Dr. Bob Mitchell, Bob Bell, Shannon Sessions and Bob Weslander

Some of our volunteer team.

The Sessions family are longtime members of Alderwood Community Church.