Wilson & Cora Ladringan

Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Wilson & Cora Ladringan
Advancing Native Missions

Dear brothers & sisters in Christ at ACC,
Warmest Christian love and greetings!
First, please allow us to extend to you our heartfelt gratitude and sincerest appreciation for your faithful prayers and support to the Lord’s work here among the poor, but precious, Aeta tribal people. Through your faithful partnership, the Lord has blessed the Aeta Children’s Home tremendously beyond our expectations. Glory to God!
Second, please know that in the midst of this pandemic, the ACH continues to fulfill and accomplish its God given mission and vision, that is, to help the Aeta children physically, educationally, medically, and most of all, spiritually. Our ACH staff continue to faithfully go to the villages and conduct feeding and relief goods distribution to the children and their families. Since the start of this C-19 pandemic in March 2020 until today, we allowed the children to go back to their villages under the care of their parents. However, we continue to provide them food as well as their education. We also continue to conduct Modular Distance Education Program for the kids as ordered by the Department of Education. Our teachers in the Christian school regularly go to the villages to distribute and retrieve modules, and to pray and share God’s Word with the kids and their parents. Our pastors continue to go and share the Gospel to all people even in this time of the pandemic. We have planted new churches at the Aeta villages of Nagsasa and Lawa Bangar. Please pray that we can go to Nagsasa to distribute relief (food and medicine) to the Aetas there. The government is prohibiting the gathering of people. Please pray also that we can go to Lawa Bangar and baptize the 25 new Aeta converts. Please pray that the government will lift the restrictions. Our medical ministry also continues to provide the children and their parents with the needed medicines and vitamins to boost their immune system. Praise God that not one of them has been infected by C-19. Thanks be to God!
Please pray for divine protection upon our staff, teachers, pastors and medical personnel. Again, thank you so very much. Please know that your labors of love for the poor but precious Aeta people, especially the children, have not been in vain. Through your love, kindness and generosity, their physical and school needs are provided and they are all in good health and in high spirits in the midst of this pandemic.
To God be the highest honor, glory and praise!
Sincerely in Christ,
Wilson & Cora

My wife Cora and myself as we prepare to go to the Aeta village to minister to the Aetas.

Newly purchased groceries for our food relief distribution.

The sacks of rice to be given to the Aetas in the villages.

Our teachers going to the villages to feed the kids and distribute modules.

The sacks of rice to be given to the Aetas in the villages.

Aeta children doing their modules.

The Aeta parents who were given a supply of food for their children.

One of our Aeta kids carrying his supply of food.

Aeta children earnestly praying in the village.

Teacher Ellen sharing the Gospel to the Aeta parents.

Our Aeta pastor Rex baptizing the new believers.

Newly Baptized Aeta new converts at the village of Jesmag.