Wilson & Cora Ladringan

Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Tyler & Heidi Hagens met with Wilson & Cora Ladringan on Zoom recently…watch the interview below!

Wilson and Cora Ladringan serve in the Philippines through Advancing Native Missions. They both grew up in the Philippines and met in university in 1969.

Cora left the Philippines in 1970 to further her education in nursing in London. In the darkest season of her life of being away from home, Cora was ready to end her life. In God’s perfect timing, a fellow nurse challenged Cora, “Why don’t you ask God to be alive in real and alive in your life?” It was there, alone in her room, she laid her anger and shouted at the Lord, “Are you real and alive?” She felt the overpowering of the Holy Spirit and love. Her anger, bitterness was gone! She wanted to live! She repented and found the Lord and was born again. Cora’s life verse is Matthew 6:33.

Through each step of the way, Cora witnessed the hand of God leading her home. Though unwilling at first, Cora eventually brought her passion and growing knowledge of Jesus back to the Philippines where she witnessed to Wilson through her persistence, prayers, and the gift of a Bible. Wilson’s life was transformed by the gospel and he accepted the Lord at their local church.

Wilson and Cora both felt called to serve the Lord full time, but were fearful of how they would support themselves and their growing family. Stepping out in faith, Wilson went to Bible college after resigning from his job.

They tragically lost their four year old daughter in a car accident. This caused them to dig into their faith and rely on the Lord even further through their heartache and mourning. Romans 8:28 spoke to them and challenged them in this season as they learned to trust that all things work for good. They stepped into missions and little by little, the Lord blessed their ministry until a mission team from Alderwood helped them build a school building.

The Lord has been so faithful to the Ladringans and they are so grateful to be God’s instruments in the Philippines.

Wilson & Cora