Wilson & Cora Ladringan

Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Wilson & Cora Ladringan minister to an unreached people group in the Philippines called the Aetas.

The Lord has helped us established new ministries for His greater honor & glory:

  1. The HANDEL Ministry – HANDEL means Home for the Abandoned, Neglected and Disabled Elderlies. The Lord has allowed us to construct a small building where we house/minister to indigent elderlies. As of today, we have one old disabled abandoned man in the HANDEL named Miguel. Please pray for his physical/spiritual needs.
  2. Christian Youth Center – This is a ministry for public high school students in the nearby town we started last year. We now have 12 high school youth coming regularly to this center for fellowship and Bible study.
  3. Christian Retreat Center – This was built (near the beach) last year also. Our pastors, staff, teachers, children and members of the church go to this center for fellowship, bonding and refreshing.
  4. Church Planting – Praise God for helping us plant new Aeta churches in the villages of Borabor, Bagang and Kanaynayan. Our Aeta graduates from the Christian Academy were trained and raised up to pastor these new churches. Glory to God!

Concerning us and our family:

  1. Praise God for the successful eye operation on my left eye. The doctor removed the terydeum which obstructed my vision. Now I can see more clearly.
  2. Praise the Lord also that Cora, my wife, has undergone a heart check up. Tests revealed that Cora has a normal heart. The heaviness she felt on her chest is caused by stress. The doctor advised her to be careful and avoid too much stress.
  3. Praise the Lord that our lawyer daughter, Praise, was accepted for a year (full scholarship) grant at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. She is getting her Masters Degree in Human Rights.
  4. Praise the Lord that our adopted daughter, Jade, has just graduated from college with a degree in Education. She is now a teacher in our Christian Academy.

In Christ alone,

Wilson & Cora
God’s humble servants in the Philippines




The Christian Youth Center – cora sharing with the young people

The Christian Retreat Center – established last year as a place of refreshing tired Christian workers

Our daughter, Praise, taken during her departure for Scotland

Our daughter, Jade, taken during her college graduation

Wilson & Cora on their 46th wedding anniversary – Dec. 21, 2022