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Wilson & Cora Ladringan
Advancing Native Missions

Dear Alderwood Community Church,
Greetings in the Name which is above every other name, the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

First, please accept our sincerest gratitude and appreciation for your faithful prayers and support to the Aeta Children’s Home (ACH) here in the Philippines.

Second, please know that through your faithful prayers and support, many lives have been touched, blessed, and encouraged by the Lord. 

Here are stories about lives that have been impacted by this ministry through your faithful friendship and partnership in the Gospel:

  1. Michelle is the wife of Sito Osasa, one of our Aeta pastors in the ACH. Michelle and Sito are pastoring a little Aeta congregation at the village of Palayan. Michelle was pregnant for their first child. She gave birth to their firstborn in January of this year. Unfortunately, the baby died during birth. This tragic event has devastated Michelle and Sito emotionally and spiritually. Michelle experienced a post partum depression. The ACH children and staff supported them through frequent visits,  earnest prayers, fasting, and intercessions. The ACH, through ACC faithful prayers and financial support, also helped Michelle and Sito in their financial and material needs at these difficult times. After a couple of months, the LORD has miraculously healed Michelle and recovered from depression. She is now active in the LORD’s work and teaching the children in the Church. Praise the Lord. Please pictures below of Sito and Michelle.
  2. Aliana, an Aeta mother,  has a 6 year old child who is physically and mentally handicapped. He cannot walk, talk, and communicate. The name of her child is Jeremy. Jeremy was a normal child but when he was 2 year old, he got meningitis. Because of extreme poverty, Jeremy was not given adequate medications which resulted to his being mentally and physically handicapped child today. The ACH came to know Aliana and Jeremy when we had a women fellowship in their village. The ACH is now helping Aliana and Jeremy financially, materially, and most of all spiritually. The ACH has donated a stroller for Jeremy. Jeremy needs to undergo a medical test called EEG. Please pray for their needs. Thank you. Please see attached picture of Aliana and Jeremy.

Please know that your labors of love for the Aeta children are not in vain. Many lives were touched and greatly blessed and encouraged because ACC dared to care and share. God bless and reward you richly for all your labors of love for the Aeta children and their families. Hebrews 6:10.

Sincerely in Christ,

Wilson & Cora

Sito, our Aeta Pastor, and his wife Michelle.

Michelle with an Aeta little girl.

Aliana, an Aeta mother, and her 6 year old handicapped child Jeremy.

Jeremy in his stroller. At the back is his mother Aliana. Beside Jeremy is another handicapped child. Her name is Natalie. The ACH is also helping Natalie and her mother, through ACC faithful prayers and support.