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Wilson & Cora Ladringan

Serving in Zambales, Philippines with Advancing Native Missions

How to reach us:

I am Wilson Ladringan, God’s humble servant here in the Philippines. With me in serving our Lord Jesus is my wife Corazon. The Lord has given us three children: our son Immanuel (married to Sheryl with two children) is a doctor, daughters Maranatha Praise is a lawyer and Romalyn is a senior in high school. All our children are helping us in the ministry.

Our Lord brought us to an unreached people group in the Philippines called the Aetas or Negritoes. This tribal people are considered the aborigines, or first settlers, of the Philippines. They are short, dark skinned, kinky haired people who look like the Africans only that they are very small people. They are sometimes called “pygmies.” They are animistic people, that is, believing in the spirit world but they do not know the God of the Bible. They are considered the poorest among the poor in our society today. Our most gracious Lord has given us ministries for the Aeta people as follows: Aeta Children’s Home – caters to the physical, spiritual, social and educational needs of the Aeta children and youth. To God be the Glory Christian Academy – providing free Christian education to the Aeta children from preschool to high school. Blessed Hope Medical Clinic – providing free medical care to the Aeta people. Aeta Churches – established in different villages, sharing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the Aeta people. School of the Great Commission – providing free biblical education and discipleship training to the Aeta believers who wish to serve the Lord in a full time ministry.

The ACC mission team visited us sometime in the year 2000. During their stay, they helped us build our Church and medical clinic. In 2015, another team from ACC came and helped us build what we call “Shekinah Hall.” This is now being used as a place of worship, seminars, conferences, and other Christian gatherings. Now ACC has funded the construction of a preschool facility at the village of Itanglew. This preschool aims to provide free preschool education to the Aeta children. It has a dormitory where the children can stay and will be given tender loving care. It also has an office, staff quarter and a church. ACC is indeed God’s wonderful blessing to His work here among the Aeta people in the Philippines. God richly bless ACC for His greater honor, glory and praise!