Sam and Jenny Hanson

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Sam and Jenny Hanson
ACI International

Dear Alderwood Family,
Over the summer and early fall we did a discipleship program for 12 pregnant ladies. Maritza, one of the moms, loved the 12-week program and has continued studying since the pregnancy study ended. She is in love with Jesus, in awe of God´s love and grace for her and is excited about trying to live in a way that honors God. One of the areas she felt convicted about was her relationship with her “husband”, they are not married (he is still married with his previous partner—small detail). They are working on saving money so he can file for the divorce and then they can get married. Pray for Jenny to keep communicating and encouraging the 12 ladies spiritually through their different crisis and needs.

Jenny has been discipling a mom and her children. After a small family crisis, their oldest son, Manuel, moved into our house to live with us. We are loving on Manuel and helping him navigate responsibility, decision making and adulthood (almost 18) as well as encouraging him to forgive and seek restoration with the dad. He is growing and has been able to maintain a good relationship with his mom and siblings as he tries to provide some for them, buy them shoes, cutting their hair, etc. on his day off. Pray for wisdom for Jenny in discipling and counseling Manuel and his family through their different situations.

We are getting more involved with the boys` basketball teams. Sam is part of the leadership group that helps plan events and looks for ways to fundraise for the team. We are forming friendships with other parents and building a platform off of which we can be sharing the Gospel with them. David has also been more intentional in inviting his team to our adolescent youth group and was thrilled when Emiliano finally came last month. Pray for us to have more opportunities to have spiritual conversations and to invite kids and parents to church activities.
Thank you so much for your prayers and support for our ministry!

Sam, Jenny, David, James, Joshua & Timothy


Cinthia, pregnancy discipleship mom, gave birth to twins.

Maritza and her family.

Ariana, 16 year old new mom.

Priscilla, a young mom Jenny has been encouraging.

Manuel and mom and siblings.

David and James with some of their basketball friends they invited to camp.