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The Hanson Family – Sam, Jenny, David, James, Joshua & Timothy

Serving in Aguascalientes, Mexico

How to reach us:

We are missionaries in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Aguascalientes has a population of one million, with the main religion being animistic Roman Catholicism (Catholicism mixed with the ancient superstitious religions of the area). The city is number one in the nation for suicide, teen pregnancies, single mothers, domestic violence, and alcohol consumption. Our main ministries are the church, Seminary, rehab center and short-term mission trips—working to equip others to bring Christ to the lost.

Our church is becoming more self-running in that we have a core group of believers that are involved in helping or leading different ministries in the church like the worship group, small groups, Sunday school, and evangelistic ministries. Sam is working with some of these people, helping them grow in their abilities to study the Bible, teach, and lead in these different ministries. Rodrigo and Gris, a couple from our church, are working with a new church plant on the outskirts of the city in a needy neighborhood, their church is growing and their members are becoming more involved in serving and teaching. Sam is also helping run a rehab center with Rodrigo. Rodrigo runs the day-to-day activities, Sam helps in the logistical aspects, they both give Bible studies for those in the program.

Sam loves to teach and equip others to study the Bible and be able to teach it to others. Our vision for the Seminary is to train lay people and pastors to be better teachers, pastors, and leaders in their churches with a desire to reach Mexico and our world for Christ. We also enjoy hosting mission trips and exposing them to what God is doing here in Mexico and giving interns the opportunity to use their gifts and passions to make a difference in the lives of others through the different ministries that we serve in.

Thank you so much for your prayers and giving that open doors for us to serve more people here in Aguascalientes, Mexico!