Greg & LuAnn Lyons

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Greg & LuAnn Lyons
Global Surge, Manila

Hello Friends at ACC!

Our ministry has grown amazingly through the past few years! Even with the difficulties that have been presented to us recently on a global scale, the Gospel has moved forward! Ministries have been established in many Asian countries as well as Africa.

For almost two years, we have not been able to get into Cambodia due to protocols caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Most of our missionaries there have not been able to leave and those who were preparing to go have been delayed. These are cross-cultural missionaries from the Philippines who have studied, raised support, left their homeland, and moved to another country. They have learned a new language and culture.

Recently, the restrictions were lifted and we were able to enter Phnom Penh! We were so excited to arrive and see our missionary friends there! As we fellowshipped, we heard incredible stories of how God had used them during the pandemic to reach Cambodians for Christ! They didn’t allow Covid to stop them from sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ! 

16 years ago, we held an outreach at Antipolo National High School, one of the many large schools in Metro Manila with 19,000 students! On that day, many years ago, we were passing out booklets & flyers inviting young people to a Youth JAM Event. Roxan was walking out of school that day with a friend and I offered a Bible booklet and flyer as they went by, inviting them to the event later that evening. Roxan came to the event and received Christ on that very night!

Just a few weeks ago, Roxan mentioned this story to me…she thanked me for coming to her school when she was a freshman. Roxan finished high school, graduated from our Bible College, and now is leaving for Cambodia as a new missionary!

Please pray for these wonderful missionaries…those already on the field, and also Roxan and 17 other new missionaries that will be arriving in Cambodia in January 2022!

Greg & LuAnn

Various pictures from our recent trip to Cambodia.