Greg & LuAnn Lyons

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Greg & LuAnn Lyons
Global Surge, Manila

Hello Friends at ACC!
Even during the pandemic and being under quarantine restrictions for more than a year, our ministry has continued to thrive! Recently, Baptist Bible College Asia (BBCA) held 8 graduation ceremonies with 783 receiving diplomas! Because of COVID restrictions, we had to break up the ceremonies to accommodate proper distancing protocols.

Just to give you a better understanding of BBCA (which, this year is expanding to Global Life University) let me give you some background. Founded in June 1999, BBCA started through the efforts of several men of God who saw the need for new & innovative ideas of doing ministry while maintaining traditional Baptist doctrine. We have trained many students who are now serving our Lord in various ministry positions as pastors, church workers, evangelists, & missionaries. BBCA seeks to provide higher instruction in Biblical Studies, Church Leadership and Missions. Our purpose is to provide a contemporary ministry training program; doctrinally sound and culturally relevant. Our vision is to develop effective leaders for global ministry for the 21st century. BBCA does not have one campus location – we have twenty five! In a megacity of 25 million people, we do our best to have a campus in an area that any student can get to.

BBCA partners with some of the best theological schools and minds in the world to make high quality curriculum and teaching methods our standard. BBCA faculty is entirely volunteer based, which means they are passionate about what they do! Many of our faculty are local pastors who have a heart to strengthen their community with Biblical truth. BBCA does not charge a tuition fee. We believe the gospel is free and so our gospel instruction can be as well. Through the partnership of many committed supporters, we are proud to offer a world changing biblical education free of charge.

Thank you for your partnership with us, which, in turn, is beneficial to BBCA!

God bless you!
Greg & LuAnn


BBC Asia/Global Life University Grad Crowd 5/25/21

Greg speaking at one of the many graduation ceremonies conducted this year.

Greg and graduate Vincent

Dr. Greg Lyons- President of BBCA and Rev. Marc Buxton- Executive Vice President