Greg & LuAnn Lyons

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Arie Mahler met with Greg & LuAnn Lyons on Zoom recently…watch the interview below!

How did you both meet?
Gregg and LuAnn met in Bible College. After seeing her in English class, he decided to save up money to be able to ask her out. He summoned the courage to ask her to go roller skating. On that first date, Greg informed LuAnn he was going to marry her, her response was, “you’re crazy”. But as the Lord would have it, a year later they were married!

After getting married, Greg’s grades tanked, so they left town and moved to Colorado Springs, where they both got jobs and began laying the foundation for an import/export business. After celebrating the first birthday of their son, Greg took a moment to thank the Lord for the blessings he had given him. During this time he told the Lord, “I am not afraid to serve you, but I gotta know, if you want me, am I on the right path?” God spoke to his heart about the mission field. Greg knew God had prepared him, so he solidified the call and informed LuAnn.

LuAnn’s initial response was not so warm to the idea. They had been to the Philippines before, and she did not love it. However, over time, as they began taking next steps to finish college, LuAnn prayed that the Lord would change her heart.

What do you do for fun?
We have made it a point while travelling to always take a day to take in the sights. Greg’s hobby is scuba diving. LuAnn is a “shopping instructor”. They are blessed to have three of their six children in the Philippines as missionaries, so every week they are able to get together as a family.

What specific thing can we pray for?
The exponential growth they are experiencing. They are opening Global Life University campuses in multiple countries. Additionally, prayer for the Global Missionary clearing house, as they launch new missionaries into the field.

Greg also wishes to express his heartfelt thanks for congregation of ACC.

Greg & LuAnn