Sara Graves

Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Sara Graves
ACTION International

Don’t you love it when our LORD delights in surprising us…far beyond what we deserve???
I can only praise Him for His ways of showing me that He hasn’t just “put me on a shelf” in this topsy-turvy Covid time and at my age!!
Although my involvement with ACTION and missions looks nothing like it did prior to the lock-down with no on-site help in the finance department, nor opportunities for hospitality and hostessing nor representing, yet, our LORD has given little ways to use the good health and strength He has given me. Lending a helping hand to dear widow friends or others, encouraging ones via greeting cards or virtually and praying are some of the ways He has given me joy!
I desire to increasingly love God’s precious Word and to be more efficient/effective in praying. I have continued to pray for my co-ACTION workers as we did in our office. The 250+ missionary roster is divided so all can be covered during a week. Not having 2 or 3 groups to pray, it takes a chunk out of my day to meaningfully pray, along with prayer requests that have been sent. Not only for them, but I am also so happy Pastor Steve and the church office staff has again put out Alderwood’s Missionary prayer booklet to use. I pray daily by name (with prompts and for current needs) for each child, spouse and grands. On Wednesday, I join ACTION’s one hour Zoom prayer time with staff and missionaries. What a privilege!!
Over the years I have compiled specifics to pray for missionaries from many sources. I’ll include for those who may be interested. These are by no means exhaustive. However the Holy Spirit leads, these prompts (that I’ve placed on 3×5 cards) help me to focus. Perhaps this will help give ideas as you pray for your missionary/missionaries.


Sara with grandson, Ian, on Easter.


Monday: Relationship with God—Spiritual Life

  • Loving and studying God’s Word
  • Strong prayer life
  • A deepening walk with God, willing to pay the price of consecration
  • Spiritual growth and maturing
  • Progress over personal sin
  • For integrity, reliability, consistency

Tuesday: Relationships

  • Husband/wife and children/parents
  • Maintaining contact with family in homeland
  • Friendships with nationals in host country
  • Harmonious and fruitful relationships with team members, local church leaders, teachers and other Christians
  • Good, on-going connections with sending churches, prayer partners and financial supporters
  • Coping with singleness

Wednesday: Personal Life—Physical/Emotional

  • Measure of health that best glorifies God
  • For grace and unconquerable determination to go through every obstacle with Him as their guide
  • Adaptation to climate
  • Safety and protection
  • Strength to overcome loneliness, irritations, depression, and misunderstandings
  • Be aware of (censor) activities that take time and energy away from God’s important work
  • Personal and family life be a model to nationals
  • Provision for material needs according to His will
  • Wisdom for knowing what to do and when to do it

Thursday: Communication

  • Language study progress
  • Continual improvement in fluency
  • Understanding and adapting to culture, customs and people
  • Clarity, creativity and relevance in teaching and preaching

Friday: Effective Ministry—Discipleship

  • Boldness, open doors
  • Spirit-led godly, sensitive ministry, fruitfulness
  • Prepared hungry hearts, blind eyes opened
  • Give steadfastness to new converts
  • Equipping and training those with leadership gifts
  • National Missionary movements
  • Patience and empathy
  • Wisdom, discernment and guidance

Saturday/Sunday: Country of Service—Outreach

  • Government—national and local
  • Political situation
  • For those in authority, favor with officials
  • Visas, work permits
  • Religious freedom , continued openness to the Gospel
  • Outreach to cities, villages, tribes