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Sara Graves

How to reach Sara:

Sara and her late husband Marvin joined Action International Ministries in 1981, after having served in the Philippines for 26 years with New Tribes Mission.

Marvin and Filipino co-worker, Florentino, opened work in an unreached headhunting tribe, the “Ilongot”, in 1954. Sara joined Marvin in January 1956, and they were married in Manila. Florentino and other New Tribes missionaries continued the work of translating the Bible and church planting while the Graves were asked to run the mission guest home and do the business & government work until 1980.

In 2004, Marvin and Sara traveled to the Philippines to visit the area where the Gospel was first presented many years earlier. Praise God for the 16 Ilongot churches that gathered to give God praise during a celebration of the 50 years since the entrance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to that tribe!
On July 31, 2011, ACC honored the Graves for 60 years of faithful missions and ministry work!