Jon & Amie Cross

Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Jon & Amie Cross
SIM, East Africa

Hello Alderwood from Nairobi,

This fall we are reflecting on the many things God has done through your partnership. Next month is well drilling season in South Sudan which means that Jonathan will be travelling into South Sudan to install the well that you provided for the village of Pompke. We are so thrilled that this community (after years of waiting) will have access to clean drinking water and hear the word of God proclaimed thanks to the generosity of Alderwood’s VBS. Get ready for some exciting photos and videos of this coming soon. In addition, Jonathan will be installing water for our missionaries in November as well. Imagine living in a rural area with lots of bugs, and no electricity and very hot weather and then needing to walk quite a way to get water for dishes. This well will give our missionaries more time to proclaim the gospel and engage with the community and we are excited to see how God will use it.

A recent trip to Juba allowed for Jonathan to spend time connecting with many of our South Sudanese pastors that we partner with. Trying to figure out how to partner with them in ways that proclaim the gospel involves a lot of coffee drinking.

Jonathan is also actively seeking out partnerships with other organizations so we can increase our impact in this rural area. We are looking at partnering with a church planting initiative and discipleship making program that are geared toward the east African church to help better equip pastors and church leaders in South Sudan.

Amie continues her chaplaincy work in the region and has enjoyed meeting with a number of local believers as they journey through hard things. Our kids are doing great and enjoying, like many of you, being back in school in-person after Covid. We still have things in place here like curfew and mandatory mask wearing, but have settled into a very new normal as we live and serve here. Thank you for your support…we are so thrilled that so many are experiencing water, physical and spiritual, because of your faithfulness.

Jon, Amie, Providence, Rosemary, William, Daniel & Eleanor

Jonathan and the South Sudan executive pastors discussing how to better empower the church in South Sudan.

A church in South Sudan.

Teaching at our local Sunday school.

Our family back at in person church!