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Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Jon, Amie, Providence, Rosemary, William, Daniel & Eleanor Cross serve in Africa with SIM.

Greetings Alderwood Community Church!  We are so thankful for your continued support and desire to see Christ’s name proclaimed to the nations.  Last year (2021) at VBS we shared about the people of Pomke and their struggle with water and our struggle with getting them a borehole.  Through our Lord tugging on their hearts and them also sharing in their communities, you were able to raise $10,400!  Thank You!

The people of Pomke East are situated about 8 miles from the Sudanese boarder.  The people group is from the Mabaan tribe and they are in a remote location but there is a road from Sudan that enters Mabaan County and passes through Pomke.  This is a strategic location as many Muslims and others will be passing by more frequently as there is a clean water source.  In Pomke, there is a mixture of Muslims, Christians, and Traditional African Animists (witch doctors and polytheists).  Before this borehole, there was not a church in this location.  The beauty of how this borehole was installed and how our partner church, the Sudan Interior Church (SIC), engaged alongside us allowed the love of Jesus and the Gospel to be clearly communicated.  John Kaya, our Water Project Team Lead, engaged the community the most in this area.  Currently the community is building a church near the borehole where they are hoping to hold weekly Sunday services and Bible studies.  One of the young believers in Pomke a few months ago came to one of our SIM Sunday School trainings and this was the first time someone from Pomke attended.  This can be directly attributed to the installation of the borehole and our interactions with the people through the process.  We are so thankful for how our Lord used you, us, and this opportunity to showcase his great love to the Mabaan in Pomke East.  The fruit from this was far beyond what we thought it would be!  Isn’t our God Great!?!

The Cross Family
Jon, Amie, Providence, Rosemary, William, Daniel & Eleanor