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The Cross Family – Jon, Amie, Providence, Rosemary, William, Daniel & Eleanor

Serving in East Africa

How to reach us:

We are the Cross Family serving in Africa. Our favorite thing about life in this area of the world is relationships with our neighbors as we raise our family alongside them…we have had the opportunity to join marriage celebrations, birth dedications, and walk the hard road of grief and loss as well. Charcoal stoves and hand washed laundry aside, our life here looks similar to yours. We are living life with the locals and praying for opportunities as we drink coffee, or walk to market, or raise our kids together to speak truth and love to them. Please continue to partner with us in prayer that our language will grow with our relationships, that the folks we work alongside with will be open to learn about clean water and the way it benefits them health wise. Also pray that we will listen and learn as we work as to how we can best serve, communicate with and love our neighbors. Thanks Alderwood…we are so grateful to you! We are praying for you as well and thank God often for the privilege of serving with you!