Kevin & Alina Beach

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Kevin & Alina Beach
Fellowship International Mission

Greetings from Ministerio de Vida Nueva in Mexico! Summer of 2021 was a hard season for us as we battled through our second case of Covid personally, and loosing Ricardo (one of our servant leaders in our church plant and a father of two young kids) with complications of it. Even though we have waded through a year and a half of Covid, our church has grown in two ways. Two babies were born, and a number of people have come to know the Lord through our ministry.

We would like to highlight a story about our dentist, Miriam, and her daughter Monse, a university student in Guadalajara. Monse came to know Jesus by God’s drawing her to read HIS Word…she found out that it was possible to talk to the Author of the Bible. She believed in the Gospel and told her mother that she wanted to get baptized. At that same time, Alina needed to see Miriam about a “tooth issue” but Miriam and her daughter actually ended up making an appointment with us for breakfast to talk about Jesus. Miriam believed in Jesus in our living room! (Remember that “tooth issue”? It ended up being a non-issue!) Alina is now discipling Miriam & Monse via Zoom.

Many who attend our services at the rehab center are showing signs of fruit in their lives, which is an indication of real spiritual life! We don’t know exactly how many are truly saved, but we do know that many seeds have been planted, watered, and we will have to wait on the Lord for the growth. We may never know how many have come to the Lord until we are in Heaven.

We have three main goals that we would like to ask prayer for:

  1. That the believers of Ministerio de Vida Nueva GROW in wisdom and understanding of God’s Word in the context of the body of Christ, the church.
  2. That Ministerio de Vida Nueva will fulfill God’s command to GO. A number of our members are starting to invite people to church who do not know the Lord. In October we baptized 5 people and had several unbelievers who heard a whole lot of Jesus that day!
  3. We would like to ask prayer for God’s provision of a youth pastor. This is a priority for us.

We pray that you find ways to share the love of Jesus with unbelievers in your life during this advent season!

In His Service with you,

Kevin, Alina & Aline


This past weekend was our woman’s retreat!

A few pictures of Monse getting baptized in October along with four others.

Alina discipling Miriam & Monse via Zoom.

Kevin playing guitar at the rehab center.

One way our church is growing 🙂