Kevin & Alina Beach

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Kevin & Alina Beach
Fellowship International Mission

Hello everyone,

Update from Mexico! How we praise the Lord for His exceeding goodness and faithfulness and protection over us!

There have been two major challenges for us this year in the life of the Ministerio de Vida Nueva Church which we serve here in Mexico.

  1. The church roof project was a long process and took months to complete. We are now able to hold our services under it. Now we need walls, electrical and air conditioning. This is the next challenge we are facing.
  2. There is a new heretical movement infiltrating all kinds of churches around the world. This movement is called the New Apostolic Reformation and comes out of Bethel Church in Redding, California. Two prominent ladies in our church started taking courses about healing rooms, dreams, the presence of angels with origins outside of biblical context of sound doctrine. That started back in January, and now has been eradicated from our church. We were able to catch it quickly enough that it didn’t cause the damage it’s causing in other churches. It causes confusion and division!

Rehab Ministry: We continue to have the freedom to hold church services and preach a clear message of the gospel. Many are understanding the message of Christ. Please pray that the knowledge of the cross leads them to deposit their faith in Christ alone.

Family: We celebrated 30 years of marriage on August 22. What an amazing 30 years with my best friend and ministry partner! Wesley (son) & Masha celebrated five years also on August 22. Wesley is an airplane mechanic at Kenmore Air and Masha is a dental assistant in Kirkland. Taylor (son) & Delaney celebrated their first year of marriage in June. Taylor owns a high-end car detailing business and Delaney is a health coach for large company in the U.S. Aline (daughter) is in her last year at Liberty Aeronautics/pilot career. She loves to serve the Lord on campus.

Thank you for your prayers: we need them. Thank you for your financial support. We need that too.

Kevin & Alina



Roof installation

Roof installation

The first event held under our new roof was a women’s conference in September.

Welcome table for women’s conference.

Women’s Conference Team

Sunday services under the new roof.

First deacons appointed, Juan & Jimmy

Monthly married couples study and potluck