Jeff & Sheny Walker

Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Jeff & Sheny Walker
Fellowship International Mission

Greetings Alderwood family from Aguascalientes, Mexico.

This Fall the Lord turned negative circumstances for good and for His glory—Romans 8:28“All things work together for good…” A church mom and grandmother died due to Covid complications. The family had come to Christ through an evangelistic Bible study we had in their home years ago, along with their three teens and three cousins who lived with them. Many other relatives came to Christ later on as well. At the memorial service I preached, hoping for God to wake up many of them who had drifted away from the church and from growing and serving Christ over the last years. Our church building was full and God touched many people at the service. Several requested Bible studies afterwards. We started a study with Juan (a brother-in-law) and the husband, Mariano, who lost his wife. Juan knew about the Gospel and had attended church for a while, but he had also studied with Jehovah Witnesses and Adventists, not really understanding the difference. Also a very Catholic son-in-law, Chuy, asked Mariano to give him a Bible study so he could have this assurance of salvation and to help his relatives become saved. Chuy accepted Christ after the fourth study and Juan reconfirmed his faith in Christ. Many others started going to church again and serving the Lord! Pray also for Gerardo and Delia, who accepted Christ recently and have been studying the Bible with us.

Our Kid’s Club and camp ministries have continued to go well. We are training and discipling several youth leaders to help with the kids’ clubs. It has been exciting to see them growing and taking on more leadership. Recently we have been having special camps for the kids who have been attending faithfully. Pray for the Kids’ Clubs, training of the youth, and camp ministry to continue to grow.

Alderwood, Thank you so much, for standing with us all these years, and thereby helping reap a harvest of souls for His Eternal Kingdom.


Jeff & Sheny

Pool time…the kid’s favorite camp activity.

Church social.

Taking kids to camp in the minivan.

Camp craft time.

Summer camp group picture.

Thanksgiving 2021 family reunion.