Jeff & Sheny Walker

Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Jeff & Sheny Walker
Fellowship International Mission

Greetings from Hot Waters, Mexico.

Mexico, like most parts of the world, is moving away from God and morality. As a result, they are more needy than ever. For many years now, Aguascalientes leads Mexico in suicides, and is increasing every year. Even in our Kids’ Club, two grade school girls recently told us that they wanted to die because no one loves them. We assured them that we loved them. Both come from homes with only a working mom with no time to give them. One of them also has a divorced dad who sells drugs and beats the mom as well as the kids, even though he does not live at home (he lives in the neighborhood). Pray for these kids to continue to hear the Gospel, to get emotional and spiritual support through the Kids’ Clubs and Camps, and to accept Christ and grow deep roots through the teaching of the Word.

In an effort to be more proactive as a church, we started an outreach in a park near our church building on Wednesday evenings. An hour before our church Bible Study and prayer meeting, a group of us are walking around the park and sharing the Gospel one-on-one. The Lord has led us to people with interest to hear the plan of salvation. Pray that many will come to Christ as Savior and that the believers will continue with enthusiasm.

On Sundays we are doing a Walk Thru the Bible type seminar, studying a book of the Bible per week and memorizing the major events/content in order with hand motions. The believers are learning a lot and are excited. Pray for continued interest in learning and personal growth.

Thanks so much, Alderwood Family, for continuing to uphold us in this outreach to Mexico.

Jeff & Sheny



Kids’ Camp

Kids’ Club coloring the Bible lesson

Kids’ Club kids with Sheny and another leader, Mari