Katherine Mosher

Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Denise Sheka met with her cousin, our missionary Katherine Mosher recently…read the report below!

Katherine Mosher is serving with MAF as a secondary school teacher to missionary families in Sentani. She felt the call to the mission field as a young teacher. She has served in many countries in this world including South Korea and Brazil.

Katherine grew up as a local, spending her early years in Snoqualmie. After graduating from college, she spent some time in South Korea teaching ESL classes before returning home to Washington state to work on and complete her master’s degree. She then worked as a public school teacher in the Bellevue School District.

MAF sent her to Papua, Indonesia several years ago where she taught in a small school, providing much needed education to children of missionaries. She then went to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and taught in a Christian school there before joining up again with MAF to teach in Indonesia.

Katherine felt God calling her to become a full-time missionary recently. She will still be teaching secondary education classes at Hillcrest International School (HIS) but as a full-time missionary instead. Her passion for teaching and leading her students into a deeper faith with God is truly inspirational. The work she does at the school provides an essential role in the spread of the Good News, not only with her students, but also with the missionary families that are out in the remote parts of Indonesia and are unable to provide their children with the level of education they need.

Very soon, Katherine will be heading back to Indonesia for language school and then, back to the classroom to do what she does best. Teaching the next generation of children so they will be ready to face this uncertain world with not only the best education, but also a strong desire to serve the Lord.




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