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Katherine Mosher 
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Fun note: February 18 is my birthday

Sometimes the unexpected happens.
This past holiday time was a great focus on the Lord and his birth and visiting with my friends and neighbors. The new semester of class started out well, I have three new classes that allow me to minister to some middle school students as well as high school. My favorite class is Food Prep that is only seniors. It is wonderful to see these young adults master a skill that will be useful in the very near future. Please pray for the students and teachers at Hillcrest school (HIS) as they continue through the school year.

There was a big change in my situation on January 12. My house was broken into in the middle of the night (I was at home). The thieves did not get in, but there was damage to the house. However, as we analyzed the situation, it came to light that this was one of many attempts over the past six months. One attempt had been just in the previous week and had been successful. Some cash and my laptop computer was stolen. As of now, my pets and I have relocated to temporary housing back on the HIS campus. A long-term solution is being worked out. I am safe and no physical harm has come to me, but it is a situation that will need to be worked and prayed through. Please pray for my mental and spiritual well being and a good, more permanent, solution for housing.

Lastly, it is almost time for Outdoor Education, where the whole high school goes for two weeks to an interior village. This year we will be going to the village of Turumo along the Mamberamo River. This river dominates the vast wetlands in Papua that are north of the mountains, but south of the Pacific Ocean. Unlike most of the villages that have hosted OE in the past, Turumo has not established a church yet. There are missionaries in the village, but very few who have accepted the Gospel. In the next few weeks, the high school students of HIS will be preparing to serve these people through work projects, VBS, and presentations on health and preventing HIV/AIDS. Preparation starts this week and the OE dates are March 4-15. Above all, please pray for the people of Turumo and all those who are part of OE that we can make a positive impact for God’s purpose in this land.



Student Council making Christmas cookies at my house to give to the neighbors

The Candlelight Service on Christmas Eve for Newman Chapel

The view from my temporary housing at HIS

Decorating myself for the Christmas Assembly at HIS

A typical airstrip in Papua, Indonesia. All those participating in Outdoor Education will fly in via a small aircraft piloted by missionary pilots from MAF or JAARS (Wycliff).