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Mallory Kellum

How to reach Mallory:

Since birth, I was enveloped in a family whose heart it was to minister to the lost. The missionary kid life was all I knew, and what a privilege it was to be an extension of my parents’ work and to witness God moving in France. The Lord was so kind to call me to himself from a young age, and continued his pursuit through our transition to the States in 2013. Little did I know, the next ten years of my life were going to be instrumental for what He was calling me to next. I benefited from five years spent in ASM, as well as a couple years as an intern with the high school ministry. In college, I was involved with Cru’s ministry to international students (Bridges International) and absolutely loved it. This flourishing was paralleled with my studies as I pursued English, Philosophy, and Creative writing. I loved what I was learning, but had no idea what was next.

In His goodness, God inclined my heart to those without hope, without a heavenly Father, without life, and opened the doors for me to return to France after 10 years to proclaim this truth to college students. What joy I have to link arms with my brothers and sisters here and serve with the Agapé (Cru in Europe) Rennes campus team. What hope we have in our Lord and Savior, whose desire is to restore all of creation to himself. This promise has transformed my life and given me a vision to see broken lives encounter the hope of Christ in France.