Dave & Breanna Millard

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Dave & Breanna Millard
Pioneer Bible Translators

Dear Alderwood Family,

Relationships are key to sharing the good news. COVID hit hard here once again recently, and through your support we gave to those most in need through churches here. It was a blessing to show God’s love to local communities through these small and growing churches. One friend told us that her and her family hadn’t eaten much for weeks because of the economic hardships brought by COVID and being a refugee. She told us that she did not know of anyone else willing to give to this physical need, but we did. She thanked God for His provision. 

This same woman has been assisting us in cooking for the Bible training David has been doing alongside a local pastor we have been discipling. Church leaders young and old came daily from early morning to late afternoon to hear how to understand the Bible. People here do not have much Biblical education. Pastors sometimes are put in charge of a church because they are the ones who care to volunteer their time. David helped teach on Biblical interpretation. There will be many more trainings in the future.

David was also able to bring Galatians and Colossians up to our African Hometown for the final community check. Bre and our co-translator *Silas have toiled over these hard books. It was a challenge for the community to discuss terms and agree on what changes needed to be made. At one point, a woman declared that this work is so important for their language and their lives. She said that they had the job of helping it to be clear so that when those who are just learning to read pick it up, they grow hungry for more and do not become discouraged.

Our work here is multi-faceted. Through relationships we help our team translate the Bible, disciple local pastors, engage capacity building in the local community, care for and guide our teammates, and share the love of Christ. Thank you for helping us disciple the Bibleless with God’s Word!

In Christ,
Dave, Bre, Gabe, Toby & Asher


Hymn book revision workshop.

Sewing group visiting.

Games with visitors.

Dave leading the church leaders’ Biblical training workshop.

Mountain top with grandma! Breanna’s mom was able to come visit from Michigan in December.