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Dave & Breanna Millard
Pioneer Bible Translators

Greetings Alderwood Family,

We decided to be missionaries because we both knew the power God’s Word has in people’s lives, especially our own. Some people in the world do not have the opportunity to read God’s Word for themselves and know deeply the love and story of God. We do Bible Translation because it is a step towards people being able to know the love of God and become children of God, to break free from the bondage of sin and death and have eternal life.

The *Vidilaka people, who we work with, are mostly oral. They hand important information down through songs and stories. This is one of the reasons why we focused on getting a book of hymns published. God’s truths have greatly impacted these people through song. They are mostly illiterate, so literacy is a very important project. We greatly focused on literacy when we first arrived, but as war broke out it seemed to discourage people from teaching their own people to read. Schools, for those who can go, use the trade language or English. Since our main focus is how to help people to have a relationship with God, we have been working on how to help people “hear” the Word of God. At this point in the translation the Books that are drafted are communicating well and a lot of the important words have been decided on. We still have a few more important words to pray through, but we can start recording audio Scripture to help those who can’t read hear the Word of God for themselves.

Dave and our teammate have been working on making a recording room at our office compound. We have turned a small room into a recording studio by creating a smaller wooden room and lining it with sound proofing material and echo cancellation material. We put electricity and ventilation in to make working in there possible.

Pray for us to quickly find a *Vidilaka person to record Scripture well and for God to use His Word to transform these communities and bring glory to Himself.

In Christ,

Dave, Bre, Gabe, Toby & Asher




ladies with hymn book

sound booth making in process

sound booth making in process

sound booth recording