Dave & Breanna Millard

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Dave & Breanna Millard
Pioneer Bible Translators

Dear Alderwood family,

We have arrived back to our African home! It was good to spend time with you all in Washington. As usual, we were greatly encouraged by your prayers and support. When we settled into our home here, we quickly prepared ourselves for our national co-translator to come from our African home town. Since the time we had to leave because of fighting, we have been flying our co-translator *Silas to us every so often. This takes quite a bit of logistics. There is not an airport there, just an airstrip. Planes do not come often. Missionary Aviation Fellowship will sometimes come on a rotation. We had initially planned to have *Silas with us for two weeks and be able to get through the bulk of 1 Corinthians. However, due to flying schedules we were only able to have him here working for a week. Praise God that we were able to get 1 Corinthians 1-5 checked! These chapters are now ready to go out to the community to see if people can understand them well. 

As these Scriptures continue to be produced, we are working with local churches to see them put to use. We are equipping local pastors, leaders and church volunteers to know God’s Word and to be able to study and teach the Word to others. This week, we are teaching twenty people from book six of a ten-book Bible Training curriculum. This will allow an amazingly relevant Scripture portion like 1 Corinthians to be applied to the local church, because God’s Word itself is so powerful and useful for every aspect of our lives.

Please pray with us that Paul’s calls for unity in Christ and spiritual wisdom in 1 Corinthians would come to be true for local churches here. Please pray for faithfulness and wisdom as we exhort local people and complete translation products. Please pray for rest and focus on what is most important.

We continue to thank our Lord for this opportunity to partner together in His kingdom. 

Blessings be upon you,

Dave, Bre, Gabe, Toby & Asher


A participant of the Bible training using what he has learned to preach the good news to the church.


Leaders from various communities coming together for the Bible training.


Checking 1 Corinthians.