Dave & Breanna Millard

Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Noah & Katie Frank met on Zoom with our missionaries David & Breanna Millard recently…watch the interview below!

Zooming with the Millards by Noah and Katie Frank

After turning down the noisy air conditioner, David and Bre spoke with us from their hotel room sofa somewhere in the southwestern part of the U.S. They laughed and said to warn them if they started to visibly sweat. They are home from Uganda for a furlough, which is missionary speak for a return home to rest and visit supporters. Their three boys were reading and playing games on the two queen beds in the hotel room during our Zoom conversation.

We reflected on the road that brought them to vocational ministry as Bible translators to the South Sudanese refugee community (living in Uganda). Bre has known since she was thirteen years old (!) that she wanted to be a Bible translator. David came to this work while at Moody Bible College, as he discovered a love for counseling, for linguistics, and for Bre, whom he met there! They both are motivated by a real desire to see all peoples come to know Jesus.

The three Millard boys have spent most of their lives on the mission field. They are homeschooled, but spend much of their time in the community that they live in – eating local food and learning Juba-Arabic, the trade language. Like many American kids we know, they are interested in soccer, Legos, reading, and Minecraft.

As far as cultural blunders, it sounds like the Millards don’t have many these days, after nine years on the mission field. Their family has learned the local social graces of visiting the market or the homes of local folks. They know the proper way to drink their tea. They no longer look silly doing everyday things. That said, both Bre and David told funny and humbling stories about being called on to teach the Bible in Juba-Arabic. I suspect they are both actually very good at that task.

From our brief conversation with them, we are left with two major impressions. The first is that Bible translation is a vibrant and active platform to disciple people, not a dry academic exercise only done at desks surrounded by books. While they say that the desk work is necessary, they both seem to love just getting out in to the community and spending time with people, which results in them translating the scriptures better.  Our second lasting impression is how their love is so genuine, for the people they serve and for the gospel that saves.

After our conversation, the Millard family got some sleep in order to to head out for the Grand Canyon the following morning. In a few weeks, they’ll be up in Washington to visit Alderwood, so make sure to say hello!


Dave, Bre, Gabe, Toby & Asher