Rick & Lisa Kellum

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Rick & Lisa Kellum

Cru City

Hello Alderwood Family!

We are excited to catch you up a bit on our ministry and lives. Lots has been happening!

We want to engage the curious, equip the follower so that everyone finds their place in God’s story. To that end, we are trying to create community in our neighborhood ministry. We are putting on small events like being out in our driveway dressed up for Halloween with candy for the kids and a fire pit & chairs for adults to come by for a chat and refreshment. We also had a Christmas Open House during the holidays. Although we are doing some periodic events like that, we also wanted to create a more ongoing presence so we started a monthly Soup night at our house. This allows there to be something consistent each month for people to come to and get to know each other and for us to begin spiritual conversations. That has been well received.

Another main focus of our our work is to equip others to have a ministry. We were asked by Alderwood to facilitate a 6-week class on Neighboring that went well. We recently did a 1 hour class on evangelism and are also helping to train volunteers who work on the hospitality aspect of our Compassion Center to get into more spiritual conversations. It’s all relational-based and each conversation builds on another.

We are seeing God change lives in our friends who come to the Compassion Center for help, and many in our own neighborhood through building intentional relationships. The Lord has opened up doors for further exploration with a young couple open to the gospel, a retired gentleman who has had a rough life and a new Australian/American couple who just moved here a few months ago. We are so grateful for these connections and the opportunity to watch God at work.

On personal note, my (Lisa) mom passed away January 23rd, two weeks shy of her 90th birthday. We will greatly miss her but are rejoicing that she is with the Lord. We’re preparing a memorial service on March 19th to honor her. We’d appreciate your prayers as we continue to grieve.

Thank you for your encouragement, support and prayers!

Rick & Lisa


Halloween event in neighborhood.

Soup Night.

Rick teaching Neighboring class at Alderwood Community Church.

Lisa teaching evangelism class at Alderwood.

Our neighbor, Turkey.

Kellum family – Christmas 2021. (L-R: Nathan and his fiancée Clara, Mallory, Rick & Lisa, Gabe and his wife Alli, Juliette & Nicolas.)

Lisa & her mom.