Rick & Lisa Kellum

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Rick & Lisa Kellum

Cru City

Hello Alderwood Family!!
We hope this finds you well rested from a summer vacation and ready for Fall. Rested is not the word I would use for us right now. We had an action-packed summer full of emotional highs & lows.

Let me explain: we started our summer with celebrations & weddings. Our son (Gabe) and daughter-in-law (Alli) both graduated with their Masters from SPU & Seattle U respectively…we’re so proud of them! On the heels of their graduation, they were finally able to have their wedding celebration after a small COVID wedding (14 people) in July 2020. We rejoice in this wonderful celebration!

Then as ministry continued in our neighborhood, Rick got to officiate at the wedding of our neighbors Chris & Alex whom we’ve been sharing Christ with and watching/discussing “The Chosen” TV series over this last year. They’ve been very open to the gospel and even wanted a God-centered wedding, but haven’t yet fully put their trust in Christ.

After that wedding, we flew to France (where we served for 19 years) to witness the marriage of our third son Nicolas to his French sweetheart, Juliette. It was a precious ceremony…Rick had the privilege of officiating! After the wedding, we were able to travel to visit & encourage friends, former students and disciples. This was such a rich and fruitful time! We’re grateful to continue the impact that we started over 25 years ago.

As I mentioned, we had some lows as well. Before we left France, we found out that my (Lisa) mom was in the hospital and her health has been declining. She is now on hospice with less than 6 months to live. You can imagine processing this as well as coming home to make all the decisions to help care for her. It hasn’t been easy. But through it all, we trust in a sovereign God who loves us, the One who gives and decides when to take away. Seeing my mom so close to going to be with her Savior has given us a renewed commitment to our ministry to our neighbors, our community and city!
Thank you for your encouragement, support and prayers!

Rick & Lisa

Gabe & Alli’s “We do, round 2” wedding was on June 20th.

Rick officiated the wedding of neighbors, Chris & Alex.

Nicolas & Juliette were married on July 31st in France.

We continue to work at the Alderwood Compassion Center on Tuesdays. Lisa connecting with some new friends.