Bruce & Carol Ingram

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Alex & Cheryl Jakana met on Zoom with our missionaries Bruce & Carol Ingram recently…read & watch the interview below.

This year, Bruce & Carol will have been married for 47 years. Parents of 2 sons and grandparents to 3 daughters, this couple have faithfully ministered for nearly 50 years, from pastoring in the U.S. to serving in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa. Today, they serve as Pastoral Leadership Development International Coordinators, assisting missionaries to establish nationally led Pastor Training Centers.

Unlike many missionaries, Bruce & Carol’s work ministers to Christians. 85% of pastors worldwide have no Bible school education. This lack of training leaves them susceptible to false teaching. In affluent countries, we have a wealth of resources for equipping pastors, such as Bible colleges, libraries, etc. The pastors Bruce & Carol support have almost no access to such resources. Bruce conducts virtual teaching of leaders in Nepal, Malawi, Tanzania, S. Africa, Myanmar, and Nigeria. Bruce helps train pastors on orienting their ministry around Christ and teaches them how to share their testimony of how Jesus has changed their lives.

Bruce & Carol have learned a lot and been ministered to by many congregations. “The church leaders we serve are often in a situation of persecution, poverty, or both, yet they worship God joyfully and are consumed with a desire to do His will and love others with Christ-like love.” Watching them reminds Carol & Bruce that it is easy for Christians in affluent nations to become self-preoccupied in our comfort. The convenience we enjoy makes it easy to take our eyes off Jesus.

Bruce recalls a trip to Ethiopia…a young evangelist shared that he began sharing the Gospel in his village and 17 people accepted Christ. Then Muslims burned his house down, forcing him and his family to flee for their lives. Several Ethiopian congregations took an offering to rebuild their house. As they met at the burned home site, about 100 people from the village surrounded them. Fearing for their lives, the Christians knelt to pray. After about 15 minutes, the crowd demanded to know what they were doing. The Christians replied, “We are praying that God will forgive you and that you will experience His love for you in Christ Jesus who gives eternal life.” The crowd became nervous and disbanded. Today, there are 200 baptized believers in this community, and at least 400 people come to church. Plus, the young evangelist is now friends with the local community leadership.

Because gifted pastors like that young evangelist need all the help they can get, Bruce & Carol decided to serve those who serve through their ministry.


Bruce & Carol Ingram



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