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Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Bruce & Carol Ingram
ACTION International – Pastoral Leadership Development

Dear Alderwood Community Church,

As the holidays approach, our hearts are filled with THANKSGIVING to God for you as we serve Christ together in the eternal work He is doing in hearts worldwide for the glory of God!

Virtual Multiplication Pastor Training: 85% of rural pastors internationally have little or no Biblical discipleship. With COVID-19 restrictions on international travel, God has developed the ministry of virtual training for international church leaders. Praise God for the team of virtual mentor teachers with 16 ministries in 13 countries. Pray for: God’s wisdom and energy for Bruce as he develops and coordinates this ministry and writes Biblical lessons. Pray for: God leading for international travel.

Malawi Multiplication of Disciples (2 Timothy 2:2): Bruce coaches Pastor Christopher in Malawi weekly with Biblical lessons. Christopher then teaches church leaders in 5 districts in Southern Malawi who have started mentor groups who teach others. Much needed Bibles are also provided. Praise God there are now over 400 mentor groups. And there have been conferences for women. Hearts and relationships are healed by the power of Christ. Pray for: the mentor groups to continue in the truth of Christ’s Word. Pray for: God’s wisdom for the start of a 3-year training program for church leaders and the preparation of Biblical lessons.

Worldwide Training: Bruce continues regular virtual mentoring of leaders in Myanmar, Pakistan and Nepal. Pray for God’s wisdom as we pastor training starts in Nigeria.

Identifying Godly National Leaders for virtual training is the next hurdle in the growth of the virtual multiplication ministry. Pray for referrals of godly national church leaders.

Carol continues to serve with administrative details and reaching out to ladies in our church and neighborhood.

God’s blessing on you and your family especially during the holiday season!!!

Thankful for You,

Bruce & Carol

Mentor Groups in Malawi Receiving Bibles:

Mentor Group Training in Malawi for Multiplying Disciples to Christ:

Short video testimony of a pastor in Malawi who is not able to attend Bible school:

Short video testimony of a pastor and wife in Malawi who no longer teach the prosperity gospel: