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Bruce & Carol Ingram
ACTION International – Pastoral Leadership Development

Dear ACC Family,

We thank God for our ACC family and our partnership with you in serving Christ together.

With COVID-19 restrictions on international travel, God opened the door for Virtual Training of church leaders worldwide. Bruce is coaching Pastor Christopher in Malawi weekly with Bible lessons to train pastors in rural areas where 90% of pastors have no Biblical discipleship. Christopher and team then teach these lessons to 200 interdenominational pastors of Southern Malawi. Because of poverty, many believers have no Bibles.

Praise God as Christopher reports many people are coming to Christ & sharing their testimonies of changed lives. Now there are 300 mentor groups for multiplying disciples to Christ!

Living Hope Church in Vancouver, WA has joined together with Bruce in Virtual Training of pastors in Malawi. Pray for: God’s leading and provision for Living Hope Church, Bruce, and church leaders in Malawi in planning for a 3-year training ministry for 1,000 pastors and church leaders. Pray for: Bibles for the mentor groups in Malawi.

Bruce also does weekly virtual Biblical lessons for leaders in Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Uganda. These leaders then teach others. God is bringing together international virtual prayer meetings with COVID-19. Pray for: our ministry partners in India, Nepal and Pakistan being ravaged by COVID, to be the light of Christ and that the Spirit of God would bring millions to Christ.

God has brought together a team to develop the virtual training of Church leaders worldwide; to provide lessons, orientation for new teaches and a screening process for international pastors requesting training. Pray for: God to call church leaders to mentor/teach pastors not able to be trained. Pray for: ways for us to identify the godly, sincere international pastors requesting training (2 Timothy 2:2).

You are a blessing! May God empower us to be Christ’s messengers of grace and truth during these challenges times.

Bruce & Carol

Malawi Virtual Missions