Daniel & Sarah Deurbrouck

Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Kirk & Monique Anderson met on Zoom with our missionaries Daniel & Sarah Deurbrouck recently…watch the interview below!

The Deurbroucks are serving in Athens, Greece. Both have had a passion towards overseas missions since high school. They were married at ACC in 2014 and started preparing for ministry almost immediately. They moved to Athens in 2018 to serve alongside an existing church-planting group led by the Greek Evangelical Church. In 2020, their daughter Sophia was born in Athens. She just turned 2 years old on June 16.

Religion in Greece is an issue of tradition, not of changed hearts and lives trusting in Jesus. There is a great spiritual indifference in Athens. This means that people know the stories of the Bible but lack the connection to the spiritual truths in those stories. They know that Jesus died on the cross, but they may not make the connection that Jesus died on the cross for them.

Daniel tells a story in this interview about a community handyman that he has built a friendship with. Daniel has talked with this man many times over the last 1.5 years about the Gospel truth, but not seeing any fruit or life changes from those conversations. However, this barrier of understanding was broken by the power of the Holy Spirit at a point in the life of this man where he needed Christ the most.

Daniel and Sarah are asking for prayers to be bold in conversations and building relationships with people in their community of Neos Kosmos. Sarah has been meeting with other mothers in the community at local parks where Sarah has had the opportunity to talk to them about the meaning of baptism (the Orthodox church baptizes infants). Sarah also leads the kids’ program at their church. She may be a stay-at-home mother, but she is involved in the ministry. Daniel continues to work with his Greek partners in building a Christ focused and Christ believing church in their community

They are really excited about returning to the PNW in August for about 6 weeks. We look forward to connecting with them in-person at that time.


Daniel, Sarah, Sophia & baby boy due 2/14