Daniel & Sarah Deurbrouck

Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Daniel & Sarah Deurbrouck

Greater Europe Mission

Hello Alderwood Family!
We came back to the States in September and have so enjoyed spending the past number of months here. This has been our first trip back to the States after serving in Greece for two and a half years and it was the first time our daughter Sophia met all her relatives! It has been an unfortunate time to want to spend time with church family and friends, and we are disappointed to not have seen many of you during our time here. In our time back, we have been re-raising some support that was needed before returning to Greece. We are thrilled to share that God has richly provided for us, and we are fully funded now! We are constantly reminded that money is no obstacle for the Lord and we are encouraged in our calling to serve in church-planting in Athens, Greece.
The church-plant we serve in, Breath of Life, has been meeting online since March of last year. We were encouraged by the number of people that joined our online service that had not previously come in-person. Almost all other regular ministry activities have been put on hold. During this season, the church-plant has sought to meet the needs of struggling families in our neighborhood. Recently, the church was able to help support a struggling and beloved restaurant in the neighborhood through purchasing and then providing food for a number of families. What a great way to bless people on both ends!
Our plan is to return to Athens in mid-March. Until then, we will be working on applying for a new visa that will allow us to serve as “religious workers” in Greece. Our hope is that this will be a long-term visa that will allow us to serve in Greece without needing to apply for another visa. Please pray for all our paperwork to be accepted and for us as we soon settle back into life and ministry in Athens. Thank you Alderwood, for your continued financial and prayer support, and encouragement in the Lord’s work among the Greeks. Blessings to you all!

Daniel, Sarah and Sophia

Church-plant pastor Errikos and two month-old Sophia.

Our language tutor and her family meeting Sophia for the first time.

Remodeling at the new church building.

The church building after completed remodeling.

Daniel preaching his first sermon in Greek!

Our team delivering Christmas gift bags

Sophia just turned 8 months.