Daniel & Sarah Deurbrouck

Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Daniel & Sarah Deurbrouck

Greater Europe Mission

Greetings from Athens, Greece!
Life has changed so much in the past number of months. On June 16th, we welcomed our daughter, Sophia Eleanor, into the world. We are learning to operate on less sleep, but we and everyone here, are in love with our precious girl. Our intention was to be back in the states for the summer, but due to the severe decrease in travel availability, we ended up having to stay in Greece. While we are sad not to share these first months of Sophia’s life with family, we have seen the Lord’s hand in our extended time here. Going through this season of life alongside people we are trying to reach in the neighborhood has built our relationship with them and helped us become more established members of the community.
During quarantine here in Greece, the church-plant, Breath of Life, was able to bless a number of families struggling financially due to job loss with grocery store gift cards. And like churches in the states, we moved to having Sunday worship services online.
We are now meeting again in person and life is beginning to settle. As a church, we are seeking to move forward in the personal relationships we have in the community and thinking strategically about their discipleship. Daniel was able to create a database for the church, tracking the contacts and relationships the church-planting team members have in the community. Christ cares for each of them and calls us to lovingly disciple them, each according to their own spiritual walk. Daniel has been able to think about his relationship with an Albanian man in our church. He has been able to see how this man’s life of hard work to make a living for himself provides the opportunity to share about how we must work hard to follow after God. We have also had the opportunity to begin small discipleship groups in our home with the members on our church-planting team. There is a great need in Greece for more discipleship amongst those who are already believers. Please be in prayer for the work of discipleship amongst believers and non-believers here.
In Christ,
Daniel, Sarah and Sophia

Sophia Eleanor Deurbrouck was born in Athens on June 16, 2020.

Vistors came to see baby Sophia and bring gifts.

The pastor of our church plant and his wife, Errikos and Hara.

One of the best gifts we received was this cartoon of us done by Errikos who studied cartooning in college!

Traveling around in Athens with baby Sophia.

Meeting our GEM supervisor, Mark Doebler, and his wife.

Sophia will be getting close to two months by the time you read this letter!