Daniel & Sarah Deurbrouck

Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Daniel & Sarah Deurbrouck

Greater Europe Mission

Hello Alderwood Family!
We were blessed to have spent six months with you in the States. Many of you met Sophia for the first time! And we got to meet three new nieces and nephews during our time back. After returning to Athens, Greece in late March, things have been busy. We began the hunt for a new apartment closer to the church-plant, Breath of Life or “Πνοή Ζωής”.

It wasn’t until a month ago that we found and moved into our new place. It is only a four-minute walk from the church, in the heart of our neighborhood and very close to the park. This has made it much easier to build and maintain our relationships with unbelieving friends and church-plant team members. Our new apartment also has more space making it easier to host people in the neighborhood. We already had our first birthday party here for a young Albanian girl whose family has been regularly attending the church-plant during summer. For the past three weeks, the Greek church-plant pastor Errikos, was in the States. Daniel has been in charge during that time and last week, preached for his second time in Greek!

Most activities in Greece seem to die during the summer months, and so attendance has been very low at the church-plant. We have been using this “down time” to prepare for the Fall. While the church has been able to meet in person since March, we hope coronavirus restrictions will have lessened even more by then, making more ministry opportunities possible. The past year-and-a-half has shown how one of the main ways the church-plant can reach the neighborhood is through helping our neighbors in both monetary and other practical ways. We hope in the Fall to make this a more official ministry of the church called “Good Neighbors” or “Καλοί Γείτονες”.

We are continually thankful for your support of God’s work here in Athens. We would not have been able to return to continue our ministry here if it wasn’t for your willingness to give and support. Please pray for the church-plant as it heads into the Fall, that we might work diligently to boldly proclaim the Gospel in this neighborhood of Neos Kosmos.
Blessings to you all!

Daniel, Sarah and Sophia

Daniel preaching (in Greek!) on 7/25.

Sunday service in the summer.

Birthday party at our new apartment.

Our new apartment.

Sophia turned one in June!