Cory & Kristine Cramer

Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Charlie & Carolyn LaNasa met on Zoom with our missionaries Cory & Kristine Cramer recently…read & watch the interview below.

She rises, feeds and dresses 5 children, prepares the church venue, teaches Sunday School, returns home to household chores, feeds the family, prepares homeschool lessons for Shiloh, Taliah & Jude (in two languages!) while caring for preschoolers Finn & Liv, and then collapses in bed. Every Sunday. Who is this Superwoman? Kristine Cramer, our missionary in Albania.

How she mustered enough energy to be interviewed by Carolyn & Charlie LaNasa can only be explained by grace, dedication, and love.

Kristine was raised in Santa Clarita, California where she served in her church’s youth ministry. She chose the Master’s College for further study and to our eternal delight, met our native son and future missionary, Cory Cramer. Cory had served in ASM leadership, developing skills and passion for leadership and discipleship which he pursued further at the Master’s College. The Cramers gained a passion for missions, particularly in the Muslim world, while studying in Israel. Through prayer, adventures and asking the Lord’s direction, Kristine & Cory chose Albania (nominally 70% Muslim and 1% Christian) as their missions field. They planted a church in Pogradec in 2014. 

The Cramers invite us to share in their ministry by praying:

  • They address and overcome cultural opposition.
  • Their growing church find and develop leaders. Their church is all first-generation Christians. Kristine reports that women that she mentored are now leading others. Cory says men are responding, too, but he sees a need for more leaders to develop even faster. Pray for open hearts and willing new leaders.
  • Their parenting is balanced and wise, that their children never feel neglected by their busy parents and that the Lord is honored in all things.
  • Their marriage remains strong and responsive to the Lord’s direction.
  • The Pogradec church flourishes in a God-honoring way.
  • The adoption process for baby Liv advances in God’s grace.

We praise God for the ministry of Kristine & Cory Cramer!


Cory, Kristine, Shiloh, Taliah, Jude, Finn & Liv


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