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Cory & Kristine Cramer
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To you Alderwood Family,

Merry Christmas and we hope in this season that you are truly blessed to celebrate the love God has shown us by sending His Son!

Albania is a nation where less than 1% know Christ. There are not many Christians and few churches. This is the place God has called our family to strenghten churches. For the last 7 years we have been able to see many hear about Christ. We partnered with an Albanian Church in Korça to plant a church in our city, Pogradec. In the last few months the church of Korça has had some sin exposed in its leadership and structure. While our church has been protected from the fallout, this has affected the people we work with and some aspects of our ministry.

So what does a church “plant” do when the “planter” church has these kind of challenges? The church of Pogradec is moving forward and pursuing Christ and maturity. If the church is a body, this is a time to get our limbs in place, strong and working. If the Lord has called us to strengthen the churches of Albania then it is “for such a time as this”.

In the midst of ministry challenges, the Lord gave us a baby girl at the end of summer. Liv was abandoned in a hospital, and in order to keep her out of the orphanage, we got a phone call. She is now 5 months old and is a part of our family. So for the last few months, we also have been become a family of 7!

We need your prayers. Pray for ministry endurance, wisdom and dependence on the Lord. Pray for our family as we navigate the life of this precious baby girl. Thank you for standing with us through every trial and we hope you are blessed as we remember our Savior this season!


Cory, Kristine, Shiloh, Taliah, Jude, Finn & Liv

Sunday service at our church.

Junior high boys Bible study.

Various family pics…here is Finn with baby Liv.


Talia & Cory.

Kristine & Shiloh.

Firewood drop off.