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Cory & Kristine Cramer
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To our Dear Alderwood Family
I hope you find this thankful Christ is reigning and that He is expanding His kingdom! God has sustained us through recent trials, and challenges. We are thankful for the congregation of Albanians I pastor and see growing in faith and obedience.

Our ministry is filled with Bible studies, sermons, and training. One of the most important goals of our mission is to see the Church of Pogradec grow in depth and love of God’s Word. Last year I created and taught a 10-month “Bible School” in our church, which nine students completed. It was a massive encouragement as they read the entire Bible, learned theology and how to apply it to their lives. The past few months I began to hear there were more people interested. I am thankful to say there are 10 people who signed up for “Bible School”!

What makes this unique is that they all are parents with full time jobs—meaning it is a huge sacrifice. Not only that, but they personally pay each month which contributes to a graduation trip to a Biblical place, since we are so close. We are now in our second month, and I hope you would take time to pray for them to grow in their knowledge of God’s Word and that they would be faithful to finish strong! Sazan, Elona, Klodi, Alda, Kozeta, Lola, Egli, Eglantina, Vjola are some of the names you can pray for.

We also would ask you pray for Liv. Over a year ago we received a phone call from a social worker. A baby girl had been abandoned at the hospital. We brought her home and she has been with us since. We are now in the process of adoption and would ask that you pray for our family to navigate the process with wisdom and patience. She is absolutely the perfect and grande finale of our crew.

Keep us in your prayers and we thank you for your continued support and faithfulness to see Albanians come to know Christ as their Savior!

Cory, Kristine, Shiloh, Taliah, Jude, Finn & Liv