Way To Go ACC! The Final Week of I Love My City Giving

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You’ve Given So Generously As We Reach The Final Week of I Love My City

Last Sunday was the final Sunday to give to I Love My City, the month-long push for the Compassion Center. And ACC you’ve been incredibly generous. As we get closer to hopefully opening the doors of the Alderwood Compassion Center in April of 2020, it’s exciting to see how God is preparing the way for us to reach our neighbors in Lynnwood and the surrounding cities.

We’ve also seen an amazing team being built as people just like you step up and commit to seeing lives changed through providing food and ultimately experiencing Jesus. Last Sunday, there was a table in the West Hallway with job descriptions for ways people can get involved, and that day 56 of you grabbed those job descriptions!

The final count of the I Love My City giving was over $42,000! That includes a single gift for $20,000. We are so thankful for you, ACC, and your generous giving to the vision of walking with our neighbors in danger of homelessness and inviting them to experience the hope found in Jesus.


If you’d still like to give to I Love My City, there’s still time. 

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