Partnership in Ministry

Big Idea: The Gospel is Good News that is not meant to be spread alone.

  1. Telling ourselves the Gospel. Romans 15:14-15
    1. We are to instruct one another with the Gospel. (v. 14)
    2. We also need to be reminded of the Gospel. (v. 15)
  2. Telling unbelievers the Gospel. Romans 15:16-22
    1. God has given each of us a unique calling and equips us with
      different gifts. (v. 16)
      1 Peter 4:10
    2. We have an obligation to proclaim the Gospel by word and deed.
      (vs. 16-19)
      Luke 24:46-48
    3. The Gospel has power to save. (v. 18)
      Romans 1:16
    4. The Gospel needs to be told where it has not been heard!
      (vs. 20-22)
      Luke 24:46-48
  3. Supporting the work of the Gospel. Romans 15:23-33
    1. Extend fellowship and give encouragement to other believers.
      (vs. 23-24, 32)
    2. Provide resources for the spread of the Gospel. (vs. 25-29)
    3. Pray for the spread of the Gospel. (vs. 30-33)