Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

June 14, 2020

1. As followers of Jesus we are called to love our neighbors.

2. All people are created in the image of God and therefore have intrinsic value to God and to us.

3. As followers of Jesus, when we speak to, or on behalf of, another person or people group, we are to speak with grace, gentleness and respect.

---How are we to love our black neighbors as ourselves?

---A. Examine your own heart.

---B. Have/Express Empathy for our black neighbors.

---C. Enter into their world and truly seek to understand them.

------(1) Educate yourself and your children.

------(2) Establish relationships with our black neighbors to get to know them and learn about their pain, fears, anger and joys.

---D. Pray.

------(1) That God would search your heart and give you wisdom on what you are to do about this injustice.

------(2) That God would do the same for Alderwood Community Church and its leadership, and THE CHURCH.

------(3) That God would protect, heal, and grant equal rights and equal treatment for our black neighbors.