I Am the Bread of Life

April 30, 2023

Big Idea: Jesus is the only one who can satisfy our deepest needs. 

John 20:31


  • Jesus: I am the bread of life.


  • Jesus is the only one who can satisfy our deepest needs.
    John 6:5-7





  • Jesus can only be your provider if you trust him with your doubts and disappointments.
    John 6:67-69



We continue in our 7-week series in the “I Am” statements of Jesus. This week is “I Am the Bread of Life.” When Jesus arrives, he uses several different ideas to teach us the way that he is the culmination of the story God has been telling, but among the clearest are the “I Am” statements found in John’s Gospel. Just as God revealed himself to Moses through the burning bush by telling Moses to call him “I Am Who I Am,” Jesus reveals himself to us through these seven “I Am” statements. And what we decide to believe about who Jesus is may just be the most important thing about us. This Sunday, the big idea is, Jesus is the only one who can satisfy our deepest needs. Our passage is John 6:1-69.

Use these questions to discuss the message from Sunday, focusing on how you can grow as an everyday follower of Jesus and how you can go accomplish what Jesus calls you to do.


  1. Have someone read John 6:5-6. Why did Jesus put Philip on the spot by asking an impossible question rather than just doing a miracle to solve the problem? Do you find it easier to give help or receive help when you are in a time of need? Why do we like to show that we have it all together rather than to ask for help? 

  2. Read John 6:8-9. How does Andrew’s response show us how to respond when we are in situations where we don’t have enough? What do you need to bring to Jesus? 

  3. Have someone read John 6:53-55 and John 6:66-69. How low is this moment when many people walk away confused and disappointed with Jesus? What do you notice about Peter’s response in vs. 68-69

  4. Pastor Wyatt shared that the hard news is that sometimes we have to give up the things we think we need in order to receive what Jesus provides. Share a time in your life when you were lacking, and Jesus stepped in a way that you didn’t expect him to. How did it help you grow in your relationship with Jesus? 

  5. Jesus is the Bread of Life. He is the only provision for our deepest needs. He doesn’t give you what you need. He is what you need. Who in your world is lacking or in a place of want? How can you go to them in a practical way to show them Jesus’ provision?

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