Jesus’ Investing Advice

October 08, 2023

Big Idea: We only manage our money for a brief moment, but how we manage it will matter forever.

            Acts 2:44-45

We manage wealth, we don’t own it.

            Luke 16:1-8a

  • We only have a brief moment to manage what we have.

  • How we manage money today will change our tomorrow.

Being wise with money means thinking about tomorrow, not just today.

            Luke 16:8b-12

  • Manage your money like you believe in eternity.

  • Manage your money like you believe it belongs to God.

When God gives you wealth, he is testing you.

            Luke 16:13

What return are you getting on your money?

“Jesus, I know everything I have is yours. What do you want me to do with it?”


Why is it that when people encountered Jesus and decided to follow him, they immediately became wildly generous—to the point of selling all their possessions and sharing with anyone who had need? In short, it’s because Jesus is a wildly generous Savior, and when he gets ahold of your heart, you can’t help but be wildly generous in return. If Jesus wasn’t selfish even with his own life, how can any of his followers justify being selfish with their possessions? In this series we’re going to look at three of Jesus’ parables where he taught us to be generous and ask how we can follow him together in putting his generosity on display through the way we live our everyday lives. This Sunday, the big idea is: We only manage our money for a brief moment, but how we manage it will matter forever. Our passage is Luke 16:1-13.

We know that talking about money/spending habits can be a sensitive subject, regardless of your financial situation. We would like to encourage you to be as honest as you can be in sharing and to be respectful/non-judgmental in your listening to those sharing. Honesty is important for groups in growing closer together, and we would like to ensure that it is a safe space for each person to be open in sharing where they are in this area. Use these questions to discuss the message from Sunday, focusing on how you can grow as an everyday follower of Jesus and how you can go accomplish what Jesus calls you to do.


  1.  In vs. 1-2, we see that Jesus is reminding us that we are managers of our money, but we do not own it. What is the distinction between these two things, and why is it important?

  2. Read vs. 8. Why did the master praise the unrighteous steward? What implications does this have for us and how we manage the resources God has given to us?

  3. Look at vs. 13. Jesus says that nobody “can serve two masters…you cannot serve both God and money.” Why do you think Jesus says that serving money inevitably hinders our service to God?

  4. We only have a brief moment to manage the money we have. What does it look like for you to grow in how you steward the resources that God has given you?

  5. When we look at our money, our spending habits, and our financial priorities, how are you stewarding the money you have to ensure it is being used to go and advance Jesus’ kingdom “on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10)? Are there any ways you feel compelled to grow in this area?

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