SALT: classes helping you love God and people.
“You are the salt of the earth.”
Matthew 5:13


January 24th - March 28th

How Not to Study Your Bible

A free class held at 9:30am beginning January 24th.

Instructor: Pastor Steve Brooks
If you suddenly got a letter from your favorite athlete, musician, actor, or lifelong hero…inviting you to know them personally, don’t you think you’d read that letter over a hundred times? You would ponder every word! Would you be studying the letter or trying to read its author? They’re not the same thing! Come learn what it means to REALLY read the book that God wrote.
  1. If God wants me to read the Bible, why does it seem so hard to figure out? (Did God ever do a TED talk?)
  2. “Getting fed” vs. learning to feed myself.
  3. The REAL reason you don’t read your Bible. (Survey says?)

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