“My Small Group, My Own Family” – Everyday Follower Personal Story

justin Follower of Jesus Story

What does it mean to be an everyday follower of Jesus? We’re starting a new series of posts where people like you share their story. We hope you’re encouraged as people of ACC get vulnerable about what walking with Jesus looks like. ———-⠀

“In high school, I was invited to go on this summer trip the high school ministry would go on. It was a huge answer to prayer because at the time I was looking for a church. She invited me and I was able to go and it was an incredible experience. I actually grew up Catholic and that was the first trip where I really learned how to truly read the Bible, how to read it in the right context but also how you can still apply it to your everyday life. I recommitted my life. I got baptized there. And I’ve been attending Alderwood Community Church ever since. ⠀
I actually met my husband here. He wasn’t a believer when I first met him and now he is, we’re happily married. And I think the most incredible gift was most of his immediate family and my immediate family were all there to witness our marriage. They’re not believers. Pastor Chris Taylor officiated it, so he was able to give a beautiful sermon on what marriage is all about and how it’s a reflection of Christ’s love for his church. I am praying that God plants more seeds because unfortunately none of our immediate family attend but others have been interested here and there so we’re praying that seeds are still being planted. God can work in their hearts and soften their hearts to its truth that they need him.⠀
I’ve been in the same girls life group for so many years. Alderwood is a big church and once I finally got with a smaller group it felt like my own family, those were my sisters in Christ and we’ve been through so much together. We encourage each other, love on each other, pray together and read the word together and I think that’s been a huge impact for me to feel like church is my home because it is my family. Just being able to live life encouraging each other and being able to learn how to confess and forgive and just everything that is in the Bible that you have to read to get to learn, it’s been a huge impact.”⠀