God's Story

A Year of Growing in our Love of Jesus and the Scriptures.

Have you ever tried to go through the entire Bible in one year? I know I have and often it can be discouraging. Sometimes we get off track, try to jump back in, can't remember where we were at. You know how it goes.

We are doing something new this year! Instead of trying to go through the Bible on your own, we are going to do it together. We want to invite you to join a reading plan, put together by the BibleProject called, "One Story That Leads to Jesus." Each day, you will be given new scriptures to read and weekly BibleProject videos to engage with. There will also be an opportunity for you to connect with others by commenting within the app itself. You can send a word of encouragement, ask questions, you name it! Look below for a step by step guide to join the reading plan!

- Pastor Wyatt

Follow These Easy steps

Download the YouVersion Bible app for iPhone or Android. Click HERE. If you do not own an iPhone or an Android, YouVersion is available on your desktop as well. 

In order to participate in a reading group, you will need to create an account with YouVersion.

Click on one of the 4 groups below to join. (Each of these plans are exactly the same. We had to create multiple groups because YouVersion limits each group to 150 participants.) 

Starting on Monday, September 12th, the reading plan will list out the passages to be read for the day. At the end of each day, there will be an opportunity to comment to everyone in the group! Maybe you can share a favorite learning from the day, ask a question, or just send some encouragement to others in the reading group. It's up to you!

Group 1 - FulL
Group 2 - Full
Group 3 - Full
Group 4 - Full
Group 5
Group 6
Group 7

need access to the bible project videos?

Are you using one of the printed copies of the reading plan, instead of joining us digitally? Great! You can view all of the videos here on this PDF. You will find a schedule with the correct videos for each week. 

View videos


That is okay! You can join a group at any time during the year. Once you join one of the groups above, it will automatically bring you to the date where everyone else is. That way, you can jump in and be on the same passage as everyone else.

Yes, you can download an analog version and follow along with the plan on the same days as those of us in the app. Click PDF.

If you received a printed copy of the reading plan, you can click here for a digital PDF that has access to all of the additional Bible Project videos to help you through your Bible reading journey. Click here.

This video really is all inclusive and has some great tips! Check it out if you need some guidance through the YouVersion app. Click here to watch this training.

YouVersion keeps you informed when people comment on the days reading. If you would like to turn off your email notifications, here is a great resource on YouTube to watch to help you with this!

Make sure to send them to the groups above on this webpage. WARNING: Do NOT send them the link from your app, as it will not invite them to join an ACC group. 

Did you know that the Bible was originally written in Hebrew and Greek? Over the years, the Bible has been interpreted and translated into a variety of languages and versions, so that we can understand and learn God's Story. Starting in September, Pastor Wyatt and the teaching pastors will be teaching from the CSB version. If you would like to read more on the CSB translation, you can visit their website here.

Yes! Both our middle and high school ministries will be participating in the Bible in a Year. There are separate groups for students, so they can dialogue with their peers within the app. Don't worry parents, you will be reading the same passages on the same days, so you can still chat over dinner!

Middle school 
HS 9th and 11th Graders
HS 10th and 12th Graders

Need Help?

We are here to help guide you through this year. If you need help getting into a group, learning how to use the app, or if you have any other questions, come visit us on Sunday morning in the lobby between services. Our God's Story team will be there to help you on Sundays, August 28th thru September 25th! If email is easier, you can send us a message and our team will help you.

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