Narrow Escape

Big Idea: The biggest challenges to faith are the ones we never saw coming.


  1. The challenge of CONTROL
  2. The challenge of CONSISTENCY
  3. The challenge of CULTURE


Message Questions

We are continuing our study in the book of Acts, which is the story of the Holy Spirit igniting the Jesus movement through faithful obedience of a few humble people. We continue that same story today. The Holy Spirit will use the teachings of Acts to inspire you to do the same thing the earliest followers of Jesus did when they first understood the magnitude of what God has done through Christ: to GO. This Sunday, the big idea is: The biggest challenges to faith are the ones we never saw coming. Our passage is Acts 14:21-15:29. 

Usethese questions to discuss the message from Sunday, focusing on how you can grow as an everyday follower of Jesus and how you can go accomplish what Jesus calls you to do. 

  1.  Read Acts 14:21-23. What do you notice about how the disciples are strengthened in vs. 22? What seasons in your life have strengthened your faith? 
  2. Have someone read Acts 15:1-6. What is the subject of division in this passage? Pastor Steve provided some clarity on the Pharisees. Why do you think they were so committed to keeping the law of Moses? The elders slowed down to consider the division; where do you need to slow down and pray and fast over division? 
  3. Read Acts 15:19-21. What should Gentiles abstain from in this list? Is this a random list? Pastor Steve shared that this is a cultural list. What cultural things are you holding on to that is limiting the movement of the gospel? 
  4. Pastor Steve shared about the challenges of control, consistency, and culture. Which of these challenges is hindering your ability to grow in your relationship with Jesus? 
  5. The most difficult challenges to faith are the ones we never saw coming. Who in your relational world is in a challenging season? How can you go to them and show them the grace of the gospel? Spend a few minutes as a group praying for these people. 

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