Setting Captives Free

Big Idea: The gospel sets captives free.

We were meant to live in freedom.

            John 8:36

            Acts 16:9-10


The gospel sets captives free.


The gospel sets spiritual captives free.

            Acts 16:16-18

            Colossians 2:15


The gospel sets suffering captives free.

            Acts 16:23-26


The gospel sets suicidal captives free.

            Suicide and Crisis Hotline: 988

            Recognizing Suicidal Behavior:

            Acts 16:27-32


The gospel sets captives free.


Message Questions

We are continuing our study in the book of Acts, which is the story of the Holy Spirit igniting the Jesus movement through faithful obedience of a few humble people. We continue that same story today. The Holy Spirit will use the teachings of Acts to inspire you to do the same thing the earliest followers of Jesus did when they first understood the magnitude of what God has done through Christ: to GO. This Sunday, the big idea is: The gospel sets captives free. Our passage is Acts 16:1-40.

Use these questions to discuss the message from Sunday, focusing on how you can grow as an everyday follower of Jesus and how you can go accomplish what Jesus calls you to do.

  1. What do you think captivity looks like today? In what ways is modern slavery still an issue in the world?
  2. Read Acts 16:16. In what ways do you think this girl was a captive?
  3. Now read Acts 16:27. In what ways do you think the jailer was also a captive?
  4. Pastor Jack talked about how the gospel sets us free from spiritual captivity, suffering, and suicide. What are some tangible ways that you or someone who may be captive to one of these things grow in their freedom in Christ?
  5. What would it look like for you to go and proclaim this message to your relational world? Who in your life do you think needs to hear this message of freedom?

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