Before Abraham Was, I Am

April 23, 2023

Big Idea: Jesus is the embodiment of Yahweh, the personal God who created all things. 

John 8:53, 56-59



This Sunday begins a 7-week series in the “I Am” statements of Jesus. When Jesus arrives, he uses several different ideas to teach us the way that he is the culmination of the story God has been telling, but among the clearest are the “I Am” statements found in John’s Gospel. Just as God revealed himself to Moses through the burning bush by telling Moses to call him “I Am Who I Am,” Jesus reveals himself to us through these seven “I Am” statements. And what we decide to believe about who Jesus is may just be the most important thing about us. This Sunday, the big idea is, Jesus is the embodiment of Yahweh, the eternal God who created all things. Our passages are Exodus 3:1-15; Daniel 10:13; John 8:48-59; and Ephesians 6:12.

Use these questions to discuss the message from Sunday, focusing on how you can grow as an everyday follower of Jesus and how you can go accomplish what Jesus calls you to do.

    1. Share a time when you asked someone if they believed in God (or someone asked you)? Were any other gods or supernatural beings discussed? 

    2. Read John 8:48-59. What tensions do you see in this text? How does Jesus’ response in vs. 58 claim deity, which caused the people to pick up stones to stone him? 

    3. Have someone read Exodus 3:11-15. How do you describe God’s personal name, Yahweh?

    4. Pastor Wyatt talked about how the God who holds the universe in place wants intimacy with you. How can you grow in that intimacy with Jesus? How do you differentiate between knowing about God and having a deep, intimate, and formational relationship with him?

    5. Jesus is the embodiment of Yahweh, the eternal God who created all things. How does your personal and intimate relationship with Jesus give you the boldness to go accomplish what Jesus calls you to do?

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