The Gospel Breaks Out

February 11, 2024

Big Idea: Once you get God’s grace, you give God’s grace.

            Acts 1:8

            Acts 11:17-19


God’s grace sends us to those on the outside.

            Acts 11:20-25


God’s grace sends us to those on the inside.

            Acts 11:29-30


Once you get God’s grace, you give God’s grace.

            1 Peter 4:10

Message Questions

We are continuing our study in the book of Acts, which is the story of the Holy Spirit igniting the Jesus movement through faithful obedience of a few humble people. We continue that same story today, and the Holy Spirit will use the teachings of Acts to inspire you to do the same thing the earliest followers of Jesus did when they first understood the magnitude of what God has done through Christ: to GO. This Sunday, the big idea is: Never keep out someone whom God is bringing in. Our passage is Acts 11:19-30. 

Use these questions to discuss the message from Sunday, focusing on how you can grow as an everyday follower of Jesus and how you can go accomplish what Jesus calls you to do.

  1. Read Acts 1:8 and Acts 11:17-18. What are some of the themes in our study in Acts that have stood out to you? What new things have you learned from seeing the early church expand and grow?
  2. Have someone read Acts 11:19-26. What caused the scattering in 19? What group of people stepped out to speak with Greeks? What did these people share with the Greeks? Reread Acts 11:23-24. How is Barnabas described in vs. 24? Summarize Barnabas’ actions in vs. 23 in your own words.
  3. Have someone read Acts 11:27-30. Where and when did the famine happen? What words described the disciples as they sent relief to the brothers and sisters?
  4. Pastor Wyatt shared that God’s grace sends us to those on the outside and those on the inside. Which of these is easier for you and why? Share a time when you gave or received God’s grace and it caused you to grow in your relationship with Jesus.
  5. Once you get God’s grace, you give God’s grace. What are some little ways you can go and give God’s grace to those around you? What are some challenging ways you can give grace? What is hindering you from going to the people God has placed in your relational world?

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