Wilson & Cora Ladringan

Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Wilson & Cora Ladringan
Advancing Native Missions

Shalom! Our ministry here in the Philippines has responded to the corona virus crisis as follows:
We declared prayer and fasting for all staff and pastors for 21 days, March 20 – April 9 to beg our Lord to end this crisis.
We temporarily stopped all ministry activities including Sunday worship services in the church, school graduation and our mission, Taal. This is in accordance with the order of the government as we are now in a lockdown situation due to the spread of the corona virus in the Philippines.
We requested the parents of the Aeta (native) children to come and take their kids home. They will bring them back to the Aeta Children’s Home (ACH) and Christian school when this problem of corona virus is over.
We formed a mission team, led by our social workers in the ACH. They went to the villages and gave food supplies to the ACH children who went home.
We are now praying and planning to go to the villages again, but this time, to give food, not just to the kids, but to the Aeta families because many of them are hungry. The government is unable to go and give them food supplies because the Aetas live in remote areas…mostly villages in the mountains. Please pray that our Lord will provide the needed funds so we can buy rice and other foods for the Aeta families in the villages.
On the positive side, our own children and grandchildren are now with us. When the government declared a lockdown, our daughter Praise came home from her work in Manila. Our son Immanuel and his family also came home from Baguio City and are now staying with us. So we have an unplanned family reunion. Praise the Lord. It is really good that our children and grandchildren are with us. All because of the corona virus.
Although church gathering is prohibited, we still have our Sunday worship services at the Shekinah Hall. This is attended by all our staff and their families who are living in the ministry compound. Other members of the church are requested to have their worship services in their homes.
We are all asking, petitioning, requesting, appealing and begging our Lord Jesus to put an end to this crisis. We found a glimmer of hope in His promise in Matthew 24:22. He said and I quote: “FOR THE SAKE OF THE ELECT, THOSE DAYS WILL BE SHORTENED.” (For the sake of God’s children, He will shorten the days of the corona virus. That is our faith.)
Thank you very much ACC for your faithful prayers and support to the Lord’s work here in the Philippines. Please continue praying for us, as we also pray for you. Please extend our warmest Christian love and greetings to Pastors Brad and Steve, and to all God’s workers and members at ACC. Please tell them that their prayers have done wonders.
Looking up for our redemption draweth nigh,
Wilson & Cora

Our mission team led by Teresa dela Cruz has reached and served our Aeta children in 8 villages:

Packing the food supplies.

Crossing the land and rivers…by foot and by cart with water buffalo.

The Aeta kids and their grandmother so blessed to receive help.

The Aeta kids so happy to receive their food supplies. Teresa was also so happy to serve them.

The Aeta kids survive in the mountain by getting fruits and eating them.

The Aeta children in their little corner of the world. Free from the corona virus!
Thank you very much for all your prayers and support.