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John & Barb Whitehouse
CRU/Bridges International


This summer has provided many opportunities to be with students in person without restrictions. Praise God! I’m so grateful for the freedom. Thankfully we were able to have many social events. Social events are critical to meeting new students, providing opportunities to build friendships, opportunities for deeper conversations and momentum for the Bridges International club. Students from Malaysia, Japan, China, Indonesia, and other countries went with us on hikes, enjoyed the beach, went camping and were in the Edmonds Fourth of July parade. In addition, I (Barb) had several students over to our home and met others for tea or lunch. I also attended parties for students who had graduated from Everett Community College. At one event, a student shared with me her worry over her boyfriend’s depression. I encouraged her to encourage him to get help. I also asked her how she deals with this challenging problem. This lead to a conversation about Jesus. I’m praying for further conversations that can lead to more clearly explaining the gospel.

Our son Matt is doing well. He has recovered from his May surgery and is back to his pre-December surgery self and has finished physical therapy! Yea! He did have to have a minor procedure (under anesthesia) recently because he has had some scary choking episodes. His right vocal fold is weak, so this was to help that. NF2 is an ongoing challenge, but it seems that there is nothing to be concerned about at least for the next few years. We are grateful for that!

Prayer requests:

  • Continue to pray for Kotoko, Annie and Megumi. Students that I have been doing Bible study with.
  • Pray for us to meet new students at Everett Community College.
  • For Matt’s tumors to remain stable and not grow. For him to find a job.
  • Pray for student’s hearts to soften and for good spiritual conversations.

We are so grateful for your generous giving and prayers!

John & Barb


Edmonds 4th of July parade with Myriam, Kotoko and Nadia.

Rattlesnake hike.

Boating at Greenlake with Dieki and various students.

Camping with Lucy, Stephan and Jeremy.