John & Barb Whitehouse

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James & Julie Rose met with John & Barb Whitehouse on Zoom recently…watch the interview below!

We really enjoyed getting to meet John and Barb Whitehouse. They have served in ministry for many years.  In fact, they began partnering with Alderwood in 1991! Although John is now retired, and Barb will retire at the end of the year, their warmth and cheerfulness in the face of adversity will surely continue to bless their children, grandchildren, and those around them for many years to come.  They met doing college ministry and have continued to serve young people throughout their prolific missions careers, especially international students. They have a heart for sharing Jesus and community with the students that they serve.

Barb hosts “Talk Time” with international students as a part of her ministry. This is where students can come have conversations with native English speakers about certain topics. John and Barb shared that since they can choose topics for Talk Time, they are often able to choose questions that naturally lead to students into having deep faith-focused conversations. What a way to serve the community!

They have two daughters, a son, and two grandchildren who they love dearly and enjoy spending time with. One way we can come alongside the Whitehouses is through prayer for their son Mathew, who has a genetic condition related to his nervous system. Please pray that the condition would not worsen, that no more tumors with would grow, that the feeling in his arms and legs would return, and that he would be able to walk and use his body safely so that he can find employment.

The Whitehouses shared that their greatest joy is seeing students that they have ministered to finally “get” the gospel and grow in their faith and service. One thing that they shared that we could learn from their work with international students is that in many of the international student’s culture, the family and community is very connected. This connectedness can be so powerful, and they encouraged us to look to love others in a community-oriented way, not just as individuals. Thanks for your great service, John and Barb!

John & Barb