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John & Barb Whitehouse
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The last 3 months have been the most physically & emotionally draining we have been through in years. Due to Matt’s genetic disorder diagnosed in 2002, on December 10, he had his 10th surgery (4th brain surgery), to remove a tumor on his spinal column near the brain stem. Because of the delicate nature of this surgery, we were in L.A. with a top neurosurgeon. We were not sure what the outcome would be, but after 8 hours of surgery the tumor was gone! 3½ weeks later, exhausted, after having missed Christmas, we were on our way home. Recovery the first few weeks was brutal because of setbacks in his blood pressure, his is right arm & leg were numb, and he could not get out of bed for a week. He has had to re-learn how to walk, which was expected as was the numbness. At first we were helping him with everything. Now, while he is still a fall risk, he can walk with a cane and take care of his basic needs. The arm & leg numbness are subsiding. He is still working daily on balance & strength. The process has been laborious. Feeling weary one day as I was helping him with his physical therapy the thought “This is so tedious!” came to my mind. The next moment I looked up and saw this carving of Jesus washing the disciple’s feet. My next thought was, “Ok Lord, this is one of the things you have called me to now.” Richard Foster in the book “Prayer” writes, “The discovery of God lies in the daily and the ordinary, not in the spectacular and the heroic. If we cannot find God in the routines of home & shop, then we will not find him at all.” This has given me renewed perspective on the monotonous tasks in life. Thankfully, a week or so after returning home I was gradually able to return to some student ministry and now able to be at a full schedule in addition to helping with PT and OT in the evenings, and two appointments each week.

John & Barb

Matt’s recovery.

Carving of Jesus washing the disciple’s feet.

SPRING BREAK AMAZING RACE! March 22-24, 18 college (mostly international) students gathered. Paired up at a different location each day around Seattle from 10-4, they competed in races, scavenger hunts and various activities. Clues led them to different places throughout the day. Covid protocols were followed.