Dan & Beth Taggart

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Dan & Beth Taggart
Flagstaff Mission to the Navajos

Dear Alderwood,

While Dan and one of the pastors were waiting to fill our vehicles with gas, a truck pulled up and the driver asked if we could help them with some gas. A conversation was started and invited the gentleman and his wife to the Christmas meeting up at Dennehotso. The next day the Lord brought the couple to the community Christmas meeting! We’re not sure if they came to Christ but at least seeds were planted!

Several weeks ago Dan received phone call from a young man whose brother had passed. The family was looking for someone to help with a graveside service. He had already contacted two pastors but they were unable to help. Dan took this opportunity to share the gospel with the family at the funeral.

We praise the Lord that we were able to have some Christmas outreaches this past year. The Navajos continue to to live in fear, but we are happy to say at least 400 unchurched people came to the community outreaches. We are thankful for the opportunities God gives to continue to share the good news! We are also thankful for the gifts and money sent to make the gift bags for the attendees.

Please pray with us that those who heard the gospel at outreaches and the funeral would come to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Flagstaff Mission to the Navajo has eight churches on or near the Navajo Reservation. Daniel is the executive director of the mission. He works with the few pastors and fills in as needed. The office work keeps him busy, too. Beth works in the storehouse where we make the gift bags for the outreaches. If one hears the gospel at a Christmas outreach we give them an age appropriate gift bag.

We are so thankful for the family at Alderwood! Your prayers are greatly appreciated and felt.


Daniel, Beth, and Danielle

Singing and sharing the gospel.

Christmas outreach in Kayenta.  These chairs are from Alderwood!

Pastor Bill David sharing.

Gift distribution at a school.