Sam and Jenny Hanson

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Sam and Jenny Hanson
ACI International

Dear Dear ACC Family,
We have been praying for God´s protection over your health and safety during these last months. God has been good to us during these last several months—keeping us and our church family here in Aguascalientes (Mexico) healthy, providing for us financially so that we can be a blessing to others during times of scarcity, and opening up more ministry doors during quarantine. Sam has been able to keep most of his classes, Bible studies, and church on Sunday continuing through Zoom and Facebook live. He has been encouraged to see his students serious about living out, and sharing their faith with others, even with limitations.
One of the ministry doors that opened up was to provide food for some families in need or who have lost their jobs. Our church has been giving basic food items to about 15 families, 1-4 times per month. In June we started services in our church again, and we have had 3-5 different moms come to church for the first time. Some of the families have shared that they are reading the Gospel literature we include with the food and are realizing that they need to draw closer to God.
Another ministry that has expanded is our kids ministry. Jenny started taking Bible lessons to the Sunday school kids and the club kids so that they could keep on learning more about God. During the end of quarantine we had about 50 kids receiving Bible packets every two weeks and about one-third watching the Sunday school lesson live on Facebook.
Pray for God to continue to open up the hearts of families and children who have received Gospel literature that they would believe in Jesus as their Savior and that our church would be able to disciple these families in the months to come.
Thank you for your prayers and financial support making it possible to share the Gospel here in Mexico and equip believers.
We look forward to seeing you this Fall.
Sam, Jenny, David, James, Joshua & Timothy

Jenny bringing food to a family of six with whom we have been sharing the Gospel with for over a year.

Sam teaching a discipleship class on Zoom.

David and James helping pass out Bible lessons and prizes to some of our kid´s club children.

Jenny and her six children attend our church. We have been able to bless them with food and some spiritual food to keep growing in their relationship with God during this quarantine.

David (11), James (9), Joshua (3), Timothy (2) are our joy and delight, bringing us to our knees in thankfulness for them and for wisdom in raising them to love God.