Ryan & Diana Cleveland

Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Ryan & Diana Cleveland
Cru (Leadership Development & HR Director for Valor)

Dear Alderwood Community Church Family,
This past March and April may have been the two busiest months of ministry in my nearly 20 years with Cru. Those of us in leadership went into high gear to figure out how to best help our missionaries in the midst of this season of “shelter in place.” Each of the ministry HR Directors were trained as “designated care people” for any of our folks that had, or had symptoms of, COVID-19. This was not medical care, of course, but offering care and support. I was also personally assigned to a special project group to compile specific care resources for our staff as they engage ministry in an entirely different way during this season. We also had to reallocate all our missionaries from their planned summer missions, that were canceled, to summer seminary classes, special projects, other training opportunities, or even sabbaticals. This is all in addition to my normal responsibilities as the Valor HR Director. Fortunately, we seem to be past the peak and moving out of crisis mode.
One really cool thing happening soon is one of our Valor missionaries, Shane, came up with a great idea for a summer online Discipleship Intensive program in partnership with Navigators and Officer Christian Fellowship.
Much of what we are experiencing at home is similar to what we imagine you are experiencing; kids at home, being teachers, being isolated from our family and other friends, and missing in-person fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.
Prayer Requests:
-> Please pray for the online Summer Discipleship Intensive.
-> Please pray for Valor as we try and plan for ministry in the fall with so many factors unknown.
-> Pray that the Lord would move beyond any constraints and make Himself known in the lives of Cadets, Midshipmen, and Veterans both now and this coming school year.
-> Pray for Diana and her ministry to immigrants, internationals, and refugees in our community. Pray that the Lord would continue to help guide and direct her, especially during this season where things at home are so much more chaotic.
Your missionaries,
Ryan, Diana, Abby & Josh

Homeschooling Abby and Josh.

Ryan’s home office.

Our new puppy, Ahsoka the wonder dog, going to the beach for the first time. We adopted Ahsoka early in February. She has been a blessing during the lockdown.

Diana and a group of neighborhood mom friends hanging out during Josh’s birthday party.