Roy & Elvia Sprague

Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Roy & Elvia Sprague
Northwest Independent Church Extension

50 Years! It was in June 1970 that Alderwood Community Church made a commitment to support the Spragues’ ministry with Northwest Independent Church Extension. This coming month marks 50 years of your faithfulness to the Lord through us. How much we thank you for your encouragement, finances and prayer!
74 New Churches! During these 50 years, God has allowed us to have a part in starting 74 new churches and helping to encourage and establish 118 other churches. One of these was Cornerstone Community Church in Vancouver, B.C. – a multi-cultural church committed to Gospel outreach in a variety of ways. Another was Ashland Bible Church that began in 1971, and has consistently proclaimed God’s Word, seeking to multiply its ministry in the local community and through global missions. How we praise God for people who have come to Christ and have grown in His grace and knowledge in every place – Alderwood has been a partner in what God has done!
Since 2000! These past 20 years the Spragues have served as Minister At Large with NICE. This has given us with the opportunity to provide Pastoral care, encouragement, and challenge to the believers in churches throughout the Pacific Northwest. In many ways, these years have been especially rewarding as we’ve had the privilege to teach and preach the Word almost every week in a different church.
Many Contacts – Three Books! During the COVID-19 pandemic, Elvia has kept regular contact with our Bible Study group at Laurel Oaks Senior Community with letters, texts and emails. Roy has been busy writing two books of sermons, and another book of stories and illustrations of our years of ministry.
Thank YOU Alderwood! From our hearts we want you to know of our deep gratitude for your partnering with us these 50 years!
Roy & Elvia

This picture was taken of us by Ken Gaydos in the Edmonds Park in September 1970. Dr. Wendt was the new Pastor at Alderwood. He was the speaker at Mt. Lassen Bible Camp in 1947 when I committed my life to the Lord’s service, thus he encouraged ACC in commitment to our support. By 1973 John Stenger Sr. was serving on the Board of Directors of NICE.

This is a picture of the Ashland Bible Church. The church began in a home, then moved to the Grange Hall, and purchased this vacant strip mall in 1974 for $26,000. The church now supports over 15 missionaries, and has sent out many teams to various fields, especially in Ethiopia.

This is of us at Family Bible Church in Oak Harbor, which we helped start in 1974, and which presented us with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019. Family Bible now supports 35 missionaries on fields throughout the world, with a full sanctuary for all three services.

This is a picture of one of the books I’ve just finished writing, titled “15 Heads Of Let Us.”