Precept Bible Studies

Wednesday Mornings

Ladies only study on Wednesday mornings

9:15am-12pm via Zoom

Thursday Evenings

Co-ed study on Thursday Evenings

7-9pm via Zoom


An inductive Bible study, where we OBSERVE, INTERPRET and APPLY God's Word. This is an in-depth study with homework. Each person digs into what the passage says, and then we meet together to discuss what we have learned. This is NOT just personal opinion, but what we have learned from our study.

You never read the Bible the same - you see repeated words and phrases. You look for WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY in each passage you read. Your fingers itch to underline and take notes of what you learn. And you never listen the same, either. You check out what is said - for truth and context and how does this fit into what the whole Bible says.

Contact Ann Thorsteinson for more information.