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From the Pastoral Search Committee

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"I really believe my time as your senior pastor is coming to an end. I want to assure you that I love this church very, very much. I'm so grateful for this congregation."

"My last day will be January 31, 2022 and I will have joyfully served as your pastor for 23 and a half years."

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In the next year, the Elder Board will be working hard to find a new senior pastor for our church. They will do this in accordance with the church bylaws by forming a Pastoral Search Committee from church members. This committee is intended to represent the church body in the decision-making process. They will search for, interview, and recommend a candidate to the Board for further review. A unanimous vote by the Elder Board is required before presenting a final candidate to the congregation and concluding the process with a vote open to all members.

From the Elder Board

After more than twenty-two years of faithful service at Alderwood Community Church, our senior pastor, Brad McConnaughey, has made the decision to retire from full-time ministry. His official retirement will begin February 1, 2022. Until then, Pastor Brad will remain in his position, and assist the church in the transition to new leadership.


The Search Committee

To form the Pastoral Search Committee the Elder Board invited recommendations from leaders in the congregation and our church staff. 
From the nomination list of one hundred people, five men and five women were asked to serve in this unique way.  In selecting committee members, the Elder Board sought people known for their faith, a history of humble service at our church, and a love for the Word of God. They also ensured that the committee represents a wide variety of members and ministries.

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