Doug & Margaret Nichols

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Doug & Margaret Nichols
Commission To Every Nation

Hello dear friends of Alderwood Community Church,
Margaret and I trust you are well in health and especially in Christ! We want to thank you again for the opportunity to partner with you in missions since 1970!

Our main schedule of writing and responsibilities is for the Philippines but we try to serve locally (South Carolina) as we can. Most weeks I meet with local pastors one on one for fellowship and by God’s grace to encourage them in life and ministry.

The Lord has graciously provided 22 excellent titles from authors and publishers (150 books of each title) for a set of 22 books for each of the 150 pastors attending the Philippine CGM “Pastoral Care Conference” this October. PLEASE PRAY as our team in Seattle works to ship these books and 500 special Pastors Encouragement Packets to arrive in the Philippines on time for the conference and other seminars. We ship about 100 pounds of books and items in each heavy-duty shipping box. This month we are shipping over 40 boxes!

Please pray for our son, Robby, and family in the Philippines who each week are helping a different group of 12-15 pastors and their people with food and medical supplies. By God’s grace and provision, we send funds weekly to distribute to needy pastors in the Philippines. These are divided in gifts of $20-30 for food and medical supplies for as many pastors as possible.

There is lots to do in ministry over the next months and we would appreciate your prayer. We have two mission fellowships planned in our home for 20-30 people to hear from visiting missionaries.

We also hope to have more people in our home, “The Pilgrims Shelter,” for fellowship meals again. We had 14 guests three weeks ago and plan several more meal fellowships soon. We partner with a wonderful couple!

May our wonderful Lord be praised!
In Christ,
Doug & Margaret

Filipino Bibles given with food distribution.

Over 200 bicycles purchased for rural pastors to visit their congregation or to provide food.

Free food distribution at one church.

Redemption Christian School…our son Robby & daughter-in-law Deanna established the school several years ago.

Food distribution…It is important that people be aware that COVID still ravishes the Philippines. People there cannot leave their districts for work, food, medical reasons, etc. without permission from the police. The elderly cannot leave their homes. Food distribution is still a major ministry.

The 9th needy pastor arrived yesterday as he comes from the hospital and picked up one sack of rice plus coffee. COVID is still quite rampant in the Philippines. We will give the last sack of rice to the 10th pastor coming tomorrow. Expressed their utmost gratitude unto the Lord and for the brethren who gave. — Loreto Tarlit, northern Luzon.