Doug & Margaret Nichols

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Doug & Margaret Nichols
Commission To Every Nation

In the early 1970s, there were about 30 Filipinos, with Margaret and I, serving with Christ for Greater Manila (now Christian Growth Ministries or CGM) in the Philippines.

Looking from my office into another room, I noticed the bookkeeper arguing with Jimmy who worked with our camp ministry for street children. The bookkeeper then took some pesos out of her desk and reluctantly gave them to Jimmy.

She came to my office upset and said, “Sir, you need to talk to Jimmy! He uses his salary to buy food & medicine for street children, leaving no money for his family!”

Later I asked Jimmy what was going on. He said that in following up with kids who had trusted Christ at our recent camp for underprivileged children, he witnessed many needs.

After one camp, he visited a boy who lived in a shack with his mother and little brother. When Jimmy began a Bible study, the boy could not concentrate, and the mother and little brother were coughing a lot. Jimmy discovered the boy’s last meal had been three days before at the camp, and his mother and little brother were coughing because they couldn’t afford medicine. Jimmy said, “I went to the store, purchased food & medicine, went back, fixed a meal and administered medicine. Then we had Bible study!”

After hearing several other moving examples, our board decided to trust the Lord to provide an “Emergency Fund” for our team to use when faced with immediate needs as they shared the gospel and discipled others.

Jimmy also shared with me his burden for older street boys who had come to Christ. As we prayed, Jimmy said, “O Lord, please show us how to go the ‘second mile’ with these boys.”

I asked what he meant. He said, “We have shared the gospel—the first mile, now we need to go the ‘second mile’ by discipling and teaching them a trade so they won’t eat out of garbage cans, beg, or steal.”

Jimmy therefore is truly the “vision founder” of CGM’s Emergency Ministry and the Second Mile Discipleship and Vocational Training Ministry.

Jimmy is now 50 years older. He has founded churches and is the board chairman of a Bible School, but he still reaches out to street children. He recently led the way for his church to take the gospel and compassion to over a hundred needy children again this Christmas!

So if you are faced with a need, take Jimmy’s example, and do something even if it costs you!

In Christ,

Doug & Margaret

Jimmy Yee.

2021 Christmas feeding of street children.

Robby & Deanna (Doug & Margaret’s son and daughter-in-law who minister in the Philippines at Redemptio Christian School) with Philippine pastors. There is a great video about Redemptio here:

Robby’s daughter Ellie with Redemptio children. Ellie works in Virginia, has a nursing degree from Liberty University. She goes to the Philippines when she can.

Patrick and Douglass (Robby’s sons), a visiting short term mission team leader, and Robby (Doug’s son) at a basketball camp.