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Doug & Margaret Nichols
Commission To Every Nation

Behind the scenes in God’s work, there are many tasks seeming mundane and unimportant. However, these tasks are done by faithful people knowing that their simple ministry is vital to the spread of the gospel, discipleship, and training of thousands of needy pastors.

In the Philippines there are an estimated 51,000 untrained and very poor pastors who exist on only $50 a month. These pastors have little to care for their families and no funds to obtain ministry books or a study Bible. By God’s grace we are helping as many of these pastors as possible with ministry books, study Bibles, training seminars and conferences. As the Lord provides, we ship donated ministry books and study Bibles to the Philippines.

For example, recently a Christian publisher generously gave a large supply of excellent theological books with a value of nearly $30,000. Our shipping costs to the Philippines will be about $3,500. Another publisher donated 3,000 copies of the excellent resource “Global Study Bible” with a total value of $60,000. These study Bibles are presented to pastors in training sessions with instructions on how to use the study Bible in preaching and teaching the Word of God. These ministry books and study Bibles are being shipped from Seattle, with each filled box weighing 100 pounds. The books are given in sets during pastors’ seminars and conferences, especially to those who lost books and their Bible in recent typhoons.

Our son, Robby, works with hundreds of pastors. He recently planned a one-day seminar for 50 pastors, but 90 pastors showed up! Several had walked hours as they had no funds for public transportation. Even though funds were limited, Robby and his team trusted the Lord and stretched to accommodate all 90 pastors, which included a full meal, closing refreshments and several ministry books.

Even though our work centers on the neediest in evangelism and discipleship, we must also help encourage and train these pastors in their ministry, which results in outreach to all to the glory of God!

Doug & Margaret


3,000 copies donated by the publisher to be shipped to the Philippines

boxes are shipped from Seattle to the Philippines, 100 pounds each.

packing life application study bibles to be shipped to the philippines

ministry books shipped to the philippines are given to needy pastors

pastors seminar in loreto