Reine Huber North America

John & Barb Whitehouse

How to reach us: barb.whitehouse@bridgesinternational.com

John began his missionary career in 1974 with Campus Crusade in the military ministry then three years later moved into the campus ministry. Barb began in 1977 in campus ministry. They moved to Tokyo in 1987. After returning to the states in 1990, they continued to evangelize and disciple Japanese and other international students living in North America. They were involved at Alderwood for 10 years teaching Sunday School and working with the college ministry. In 2006, John and Barb moved to Florida to work with The Jesus Film Project.
Through The JESUS Film Ministry (media tools, equipment, strategy & funding); they help Campus Crusade and other Christian leaders in East & Central Asian countries (Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Pakistan, two classified countries, “the ‘stan countries” plus Armenia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and one other classified country) evangelize their people, make disciples, and plant churches.

In 2017, the Whitehouses returned to Washington…Barb is now working with International students at Everett Community College. She is starting a Talk Time in their home in April, and volunteers from Snohomish Community Church will be helping her to reach out to the students.