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Shannon Sessions

How to reach Shannon:

Working on “both sides of the caution tape” has given Shannon Sessions a unique perspective on who are affected when bad things happen.

As a wife of a Fire Battalion Chief, mother of five, a United States Air Force Veteran, former firefighter, longtime Crime Prevention Specialist, elected Lynnwood City Council member and Police Spokesperson for High Profile Incidents ~ public safety is a passion for Shannon. She is known for her authentic and exceptional interpersonal skills and is warm and approachable with a talent to inspire and give people “permission” to pay attention and do things they may not otherwise be willing to do.

Shannon is now the Executive Director of Support 7, a First Responder Chaplain, and is building a sustainable future for this critical, local ministry that has been going on in South Snohomish County since 1981.

Support 7 is made up of specially trained, compassionate volunteers who provide a private gathering place for victims and survivors at on-scene events. Each year they serve hundreds of local families in their darkest moments. This team responds 24/7/365 alongside local first responders to local events such as fires, unexpected deaths, search and rescue operations, death by suicide, crimes and local natural disasters. They devote hundreds of hours to assist our first responders to care more effectively for a victim’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs at times of significant incidents of trauma.

Support 7/ICM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and operates solely by the financial gifts of generous individuals, businesses and private organizations. The Support 7 team is most grateful for all those who provide continued support to this essential non-profit organization.