Reine Huber

The Peterson Family – Matt, Sarah, Robyn & Josephine

We are most grateful and excited for the opportunity to join Alderwood’s supported missionaries!

Sarah, Matthew’s wife, is the youngest daughter of Manny and Glenda Fernandez, whom you have prayed for for many years. Matthew felt called to serve in Asia before he met Sarah, from his years as a salesman and working in the corporate world. Matthew has been excited to learn about World Link Ministries since meeting the family. After traveling with Manny to Asia last Fall, Matthew feels certain that this is exactly what the Lord is leading him to do—continue the work World Link has started in Asia by training and mobilizing national pastors. Matthew and Sarah are planning to move to Asia in the summer (2020) to start up seven training centers throughout Asia for field pastors. They plan to live there for two to three years, until the centers are up and running.