Reine Huber Every Inhabited Continent

Manny & Glenda Fernandez


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Manuel is a graduate from Dallas Seminary for the Master of theology and Doctorate degrees. Manny and Glenda were led to start a church-planting seminary in Spain in 1991. The seminary requires students to plant churches simultaneously with their academic load. The seminary model was warmly received and different regions of the country wanted an extension in their area.
Beyond the national replication there were several countries that began to ask if the model would work in their part of the world. Extensions were then started in North Africa; Cuba; Ukraine; Romania; Italy; Viet Nam; China; Mexico; Brazil and beyond.
Glenda has been the top administrator throughout the journey. Many have rightly said she is “the brains of the operation!” Her official role is as Executive Assistant, but there are many roles she has played in training and managing operations according to Board specifications. She has been also licensed as a travel agent!
The ministry moved to the US in 2000 and has been more effective in growing and sustaining the various fields. The vision currently is to be making disciples in every inhabited country of the world.