Meet Estrella Liu, the new Inventory Lead

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Meet Estrella Liu, the new Inventory Lead

It’s exciting to see how God is weaving together a team of passionate people to reach the city of Lynnwood, WA. The ministry of the Alderwood Compassion Center is a huge task and we have seen some amazing people step up to serve.

People like Estrella Liu. She will be leading our inventory team, making sure shelves are stocked and ready for our neighbors who come and shop for food.


How long have you attended ACC?

Estrella: I’ve been attending ACC since July 2019, but have been a regular at a home church for many years, in my home state of TX.

Can you share your past experience that relates to the Compassion Center ministry?

Estrella: Professionally, I have past experience working with resettled refugees and immigrants.  I helped resettle them and helped them find employment, community resources, low-cost services, and education opportunities.  This role included helping to facilitate classes for our clients in a variety of areas, helped in our company’s soup kitchen for the homeless, and helped clients shop in our food pantry.  Other populations I have served professionally, have been the elderly and disabled.  I currently work with foster kids and foster parents, helping them in a variety of ways and settings.  I’m fluent in Spanish, which has served me well in all social service jobs I have had.

Why do you feel led to serve?

Estrella: I felt led to serve because at its heart, the CC can serve all of those various populations I have served in one way or another at the beginning with food, but later will be able to serve our community in other ways.  I simply wanted to help from the very beginning with the gifts, talents, and skills, I have, and perhaps help lay a foundation to do so much more in our community as a church.  I loved that this is the very intention ACC has for the center.  Most importantly, for me personally, it is how I truly express following Jesus and pointing to Him.  Leading others to Him is best done by loving them and caring for them holistically (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually).  I believe this is what the CC is seeking to do, more and more, as time will go by.

Can you share a fun fact about yourself or a hobby you enjoy?

Estrella: Fun fact –  I absolutely love coffee and consider myself a coffee aficionado, so I’m very picky about the coffee I drink.  Hobby – painting/art

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