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Matt & Sarah Peterson
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Dear Alderwood Friends,
We are so grateful for you and are blessed by how the Lord has partnered us for His ministry! Though the trials have been great through these times, the Lord has been moving in ways only He can. In Southeast Asia we have seen over 5,000 people come to faith through our church planter’s relief efforts. While our churches have not been able to meet as a congregation, they have been mobilized and unified through their work to provide food and provisions for those who are no longer able to earn their daily wages. In that type of cash-based system, the people are dependent on whatever they can earn each day. So, when they are not allowed to work, they run out of money quickly. That is where we and the pastors have come in. We can feed 140 families for a week with just $1,000. As you can imagine, in a culture that attributes everything to karma with the belief that “you’re getting what you deserve”, the love of Jesus is shining through in a big way! We have even seen the Hindu religious leaders coming to know Jesus as their Savior!
After I (Matthew) graduated from Dallas Seminary last month with my Master of Theology degree, our plan had always been to move to Southeast Asia this month (June) to continue training the national pastors. But God had different plans. International visas have been suspended since late March, and travel by air into the country has been limited to nationals only. We are eager for things to open back up so that we can make our move, but we are where we need to be for now. On June 8th, my father, Glenn, went to be with the Lord. It has been a challenging time for all of us, but we are trying our best to press into the Lord. We are thankful that dad has received his ultimate reward of being with his Savior, but we will surely miss him until we get to join him at the feet of our Lord. We are where we need to be for now, mourning with family, as we serve from a distance and look forward to joining our brothers and sisters in the field again soon.
Thank you all for your continued partnership and prayers!
With much love,
Matt, Sarah, Robyn & Josephine

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