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Manny & Glenda Fernandez
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Our beloved family at Alderwood!
Satan may love the coronavirus, but God is winning!
This is how the score sheet reads so far:
In SPAIN we just finished the school year. Students are ending the year in uncertainty as the economy seems at a total standstill. Even seasonal jobs have disappeared. It is doubtful whether there will be a tourist season this year. This is huge for Spain, a country of 47 million which normally hosts 55 million tourists. Trillions of euros will go missing. Yet we’re adding online teaching to reach new regions. People are hungry for God!
CUBA is closed at present, but there is a lot of ministry activity. Because of their severe needs, there’s a lot of relief work going on—and our teams are preaching the Gospel to multitudes. The churches we’ve planted are hard at work distributing food to the needy. Needy Christians are helped, but the primary focus is to unbelievers in the name of the Gospel. Thousands are coming to Christ.
In MOROCCO our team used to be just two national leaders 25 years ago when we began; today it has grown to a great force of 20 strategic leaders. And they have been supporting themselves financially—until now. This crisis has forced them to cry out for help. So we’re giving relief to workers who are getting absolutely no help from government programs.
BRAZIL is having a hard time with the pandemic. The people are aware that it’s lethal. There are many people with preexisting conditions at great risk, and not only in a certain age bracket. In many regions hospital capacity is totally insufficient, with not a single bed available. Many people are simply being sent home to die—which spreads the infection further. Pray for Brazil!
INDIA continues to thrive with evangelism. As food is delivered, the Gospel is being preached at the point of distribution. We’ve had a couple of waves of outreach in the north, and now another wave is underway in the south. The need is great, but God is greater—getting people’s attention, and opening their hearts! The ministry in India is making amazing progress! Over 5,100 have come to faith in the north effort alone.
YOU! You are the root. These are the fruits. You may not be seen, like the root normally is not. But you are vital. Without you the root, there is no fruit!
Gratefully in Christ,
Manny & Glenda