Luke & Kelly Lyons

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Luke & Kelly Lyons

Global Surge, Manila

Manila still holds very strict Covid restrictions. However, a bit of light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. Early July, the government task force who controls the national Covid protocols, has allowed children over the age of 5 to be allowed out in the public. This new ruling lasted only 2 weeks and now only people over the age of 18 are allowed out. Malls, grocery stores, restaurants, and markets still do not allow children inside. This 17 month ruling has been difficult not only for our own family but for the over 20 million children who’ve been quarantined inside for too long.

We are absolutely thrilled about how the Lord is moving! This coming August we have another new church that is set to launch led by Pastor Rodel. Pastor Rodel already has over 20 community groups who meet weekly and the majority of the members of each group are already additionally engaged in 1-on-1 discipleship! The Lord continues to bless.

Some of you have heard about RJ, a young teenager, who 5 years ago was stabbed after a church service. His gang was invited to our church as well as a few other gangs as well. At the end of the service a fight broke out resulting in his severe injury. He walked away and never came back to our church. Earlier this year, RJ approached one of our pastors and with joy in his voice explained he (RJ) now serves as part of our most recent church planting team.

RJ is a great example of how God continues to bless and move powerfully in the Philippines. You have an incredible part in what’s happening in Manila!

I also want to give a very personal thank you to ACC, your missions committee, and the individuals in the church who have stayed connected with us personally. It means the world to us. Several of you have given above and beyond to bless our family and our ministry. You are exceptionally powerful in how God continues to use your life.

Luke, Kelly, Scott, Everett & Virginia

Pastor Rodelle preaching. He’s launching his church soon.

2 photos of church gatherings and evangelism.

Nurses administering Covid tests.

A view of our city, Mega Manila.