Luke & Kelly Lyons

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Wendi Oliver met with the Lyons family on Zoom recently…watch the interview below!

The Lyons family serve in Manila…the Philippines is still slowly coming back from Covid restrictions that have affected a lot of their ministry. Their kids’ school is one of only 12 in the whole country that is back in person. Most are still meeting virtually.

Scott (7th grade), Everett (4th), and Virginia (1st) just started summer break. A lot is changing with a new president being elected and they ask for prayers as they await what the education system looks like next year.

Kelly’s dad is the pastor at the sending church for Luke’s missionary parents (Greg & LuAnn Lyons). Luke & Kelly met when Luke’s family was in town on furlough. They kept in touch even when they went to different places for work and school. Eventually this led to dating (long distance) and now they’ve been married for 16 years!

While they serve in a ministry that has multiple church plants, the Lyons family regularly attends the main church campus in metro Manilla (Pasig). Sometimes they travel to other churches to be guest speakers and serve. Their main church has five services on a weekend! Luke attends two services and Kelly and the kids attend one. Scott likes to volunteer with the tech ministry. Lots of the church plants need more sound equipment…it’s about $7,500 to fully equip an entire church with all of their tech needs.

As we pray for Luke, Kelly, their family, and their ministry team, they ask us to pray for the Philippines as they are still facing Covid restrictions…they want prayers as they navigate coming out of the pandemic and continue to meet the needs of the students in the area. Pray for the church plants (and the teams launching them) that will be starting up this year, two in metro Manila, one in Cambodia, and one in Bangkok. They had a church launch in September 2021 with a starting attendance of 200 people and 26 small groups. They church is still growing and thriving even after less than a year!


Luke, Kelly, Scott, Everett & Virginia