Luke & Kelly Lyons

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Luke & Kelly Lyons

Global Surge, Manila


We intentionally share the gospel with all of our friends, which is our Evangelistic party called MMKP (Meet-my-Kaibigan Party). We have 4,658 friends who have attended and 2,606 friends who made their profession of faith! And I just love that! That’s our Small Group reaching into their community, and sharing the gospel to their own friends, their family members and their coworker, and it’s a blast!

Global Missionary Clearinghouse: 196 people signed up and committed their lives to become Missionaries this last year. We continue to believe that the Lord will use the Philippines as a launch pad to reaching the world. Filipinos are so extremely good at adapting to culture and language. 

As the lockdown slightly lightened up in November, we were able to gather a bit more and it was our time to give a big emphasis in Missions.

Leadership Training: We held a leadership event for our volunteer Directors that are serving all of our churches, and we expected maybe 35 people to show up, but it was over 75 celebrating the launch of this ministry, focusing on leadership development. God has been doing a great thing!


This whole last year, God blessed us through camps and our church plant events. We have 337 individuals who followed with water baptism.

Our Discipleship and Small Group Ministries also continue to thrive even in the heightened restrictions we are facing here in the Philippines.

We have 2,082 engaged in One-on-One Discipleship right now and have a vision to reach 5,000. With our 562 Community Groups that are all over the city and in our community, in all of our church plants we plan on expanding to over 1,000 this 2022.

Pray with us as we are growing our ministry team. We have seen the Lord move powerfully and can only imagine what this year will hold for us! 

Luke, Kelly, Scott, Everett & Virginia

Community Group Leader Training.

Helping us church plant multiple churches are Jeff (Sound Equipment & Instruments), Dylan (Community Group Leadership Trainer), Jommel (Coordinator), Vhanji (Church Launch Director)

A view of 1/8 of Mega Manila.
Newly baptized young men.
Giving Pastor Chris a new projector for his Worship Center.

Celebrating and vision casting with one of our churches after a great season of evangelism through our community groups.

Training the next generation of leaders.