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Luke & Kelly Lyons

Global Surge, Manila
If you were instructed to live a life that would leave a legacy, leave an impact for generations to come what would you do? One of the ways we have answered that question is through intentional discipleship and our leadership continuum. We call it our 1K leader Army. One of the goals we have set out for this year is to train, equip, and prepare a thousand new leaders to lead our small group ministry. We believe that by first preparing the leaders, the groups will follow. One of our goals in these first two quarters is to equip each of our churches for intentional training and mentoring of new untapped leaders. Now, this might sound like common sense, but it takes quite a bit of planning, training and a consistent follow-through system to see it come to fruition. Earlier this year much of my time was spent meeting with our church pastors and their small group directors. We sat down and really laid out what training the next generation of leadership would look like.
Leadership development has become part of our ministry culture. We’re resolute on preparing for the next generation of leaders and intentionally lowering the age of the next leader, finding men and women who are younger than us who will continue to reach the generation.
One example is my friend and new church planter, Pastor Rodno. Rodno has been with us for years and served first as a volunteer and later as a committed small group leader and discipler. His pastor, Pastor Julius, continued to see the potential in this young man. Rodno continued to grow, he enrolled and graduated with a bachelor’s degree from our Bible College. Then as the Lord led him, he built a team and began a church plant. One year ago, he launched his new church. When I met with Pastor Rodno recently he was excited about the 18 new small group leaders he was about to certify, equip, and launch into ministry.
What would your church and ministry look like with 1,000 new volunteer leaders?
Luke, Kelly, Scott, Everett & Virginia

Myself & Pastor Arnold & his wife Erly

Myself & 2 other pastors praying over our newest pastor, Pastor Renz and his church.

Myself & Pastor Rodno (launched his church February 2020) talking and planning the next steps for his church plant.

Myself & groups of Community Group (CG) Pastors, Leaders, and Directors of CG ministries of several of our churches in planning & discussing Vision for 2021.